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03 February 2012

Princess Life in Indonesia

Hola babes! How's your day?
I am still enjoying my princess life in Indonesia =P
It has been 2 weeks! I miss Gucci! I hope he's doing well there.

Btw, this is Merzy! =D

Well, you might wonder what's so good to be in Indonesia?
As mentioned earlier, I am here for my princess life. Haha!
I got a hair cut, I went to do nail extension, shopping with sis and mom!

Ps: I took loads of picture as I had my hair cut on that day!

Aww black roots on my 3 tone hair! I have 4 colours on my head now! hohoho..

My hair length! =D

I went for a hair cut as my hair was really heavy!
I have a really thick and long hair and my neck is v.tired lol

My new hair looks the same as before though..
Just shorter and lighter =)

Ehya! I went for a KTP photoshoot on that day as well! - For my ID!
The colour of the background was determined by my age group! - Interesting

Haha I look fierce and spooky! lol

My height is 160cm - 7cm heels =P

Have been eating sumptuous healthy meal prepared by my great mum too!
No more instant noodle, no more McDonald, KFC and all other craps!
How I hope my life can be like this forever.. #EveryIndonesianLivingInSingaporesDream
Agree? Hoho..

Lastly, I believe my loyal reader should have noticed that I often wear this dress!
Hahaha I just love the cutting and design of it =P
It's very comfortable too! lol

Have a good good day everyone!


  1. your hair is very cool - kinda like dip dye :)

  2. love your new hair color! where you make that?

  3. #EveryIndonesianLivingInSingaporesDream SUPER AGREE!!! I love your blog! Enjoy your princess life in Indonesia! (:


Thanks for your lovely comment!