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21 February 2012

Bali: Beach Club - Potato Head

Alright! Here's the last post about our first day in Bali!

So we arrived in Bali, visited out hotel (with video) HERE

had the popular Nuri's BBQ pork ribs, went to temple and

watched kecak dance (with video) HERE

After a tiring day, we decided to go back to the hotel and rest for an hour.

The night is was still young! haha!

After taking our shower, resting and all, we went to a well-known beach club called Potato Head!

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Initially, we planned to go to Hu'u Bar (that's an interesting name).

However, the place seems to be too quite and it just doesn't interest us.

So, we decided to go to Potato Head (another interesting name) instead

since it's nearby and it's recommended by my sis.

The place was peaceful and compared to Hu'u bar, there were more people.

We managed to settle down at a queen size sofa bed by the pool.

It was comfortable and spacious enough for four of us.

They ordered some liquors and I ordered a hot chocolate drink!

Hahaha what a joke right! You know me, I am an anti-alcohol person simply because;

1. I am on medicine! It has been almost a year now. Liquor is a no-no drink for me.

2. I love alcohol but my body is not able to take it.

What happen if I drink alcohol?

1. I'd be admitted to the hospital the next morning

2. Rashes all over my body for at least a week

3. Die (Haha which is possible if I happen to drink a lot)

Btw, my hot chocolate tastes heavenly!

It wasn't milo, not those cheap chocolate drink as well.

It was premium type of chocolate drink? well, I guess so..I'll tell you why..keep reading..

We ordered some snacks for munching..

These mini wagyu beef burgers taste really really good! and cute! =D

We ordered two plates of it.

They had quite a number of drink that night..

The total of our bill was about 1.8 million rupiah = $250!

I just had a glass of hot chocolate and some mini burgers =x

I guess thats the reason why my drink tastes heavenly good =P

Have I mentioned that there's a beach right in front of the club?

Haha come one! That's an of course!

The title of this post is "Beach club- Potato Head" ckck..

It's a Beach club!

About Potato Head

PHBC was designed by renowned Indonesian architect, Andra Martin, forming an elliptical amphitheatre alongside the road of Seminyak, the architecture is built using an unjust collection of 18th century teak shutters gathered from the Indonesian archipelago. Its tower high facade is set off with an impressive 500-square emerald lawn and an infinity pool facing the horizon of The Indian Ocean.

Offering a blend of cuisine, cocktail, and entertainment in its venues, Potato Head Beach Club will foremost welcome you to its Potato Head Bar, an open space bar designed using the owners' personal collection of vintage mid century furniture, serving you their signature and innovative cocktails created by some of the best mixologists in the industry.With its impressive architectural dimension, Potato Head Beach Club engages you through the array of cuisines presented attheir designated area to dine and lounge, the first being Potato Head Bistro crafting an eclectic menu inspired by the international home cooked recipes, while Lilin offers a tapas selection of Southeast Asian cuisine and fresh selection of live seafood to choose from. On the second floor, Tapping Shoes serving a French fine dining experience through an interpretation of a Japanese Chef.

In essence, Potato Head Beach Club is an invitation to experience the pleasures and memories of travels packaged in one extensive area. "There is definitely a personal touch to what we do. The menus in Potato Head bistro are based on nostalgic home recipes and personal memories from our travels. We put our own collection in the restaurant, from the artwork to the furniture. We want people to see that we put our soul into each projects and that we've invited them into our lives," added Ronald.

That sums up our first day in Bali!

Stay tune for my Day 2 post! =D

Ardy. Lia. Yours truly, Fin

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  1. omggggg how lucky are u im jelous.... it looks like lots of fun!!! gorgeous and those drinks and burgers look so yummy!!!


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