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23 February 2012

Bali: Beach Activity - Flying Fish, Donut Boat and Diving

This post consists of the beach activities we did on our second day in Bali!

We woke up earlier that usual that day.

Our first destination was to Warung Laota for its Rainbow porridge!

Basically the porridge consists of pitan, seafood such as prawn, squid, fish and meats.

It tastes pretty good and the portion was generous! Btw, I shared a bowl of it with my friend.

We almost could not finish it. =P

After breakfast, we went to the beach directly.

The journey took about an hour?

The most irritating part in Bali is to sit in the car for hours! =(

We choosed 3 types of activities to do! (estimated prices)

Flying Fish 4 pax = Rp 350.000 = $40

Donut Boat 4 pax = Rp 350.000 = $40

Scuba Diving 2 pax = 1.400.000 = S$200

Total was about almost $300 = Rp 2.100.000

Tips: When you go to places like this in Bali, you need to try to negotiate

and ask for at least 50% lower in price!

E.g: If they offer $100, you say $50! or maybe you can try $40!

Look at the beautiful sky and also the beach!

It was a very hot day! #TypicalBaliWeather

I applied, slapped, sprayed loads of sunblock that day!

While waiting for our turn...

The first activity that we did was to get on the flying fish.

Well, I found it quite boring - not fun at all lol

Btw, you can't really stand or even walk on the sand! It was freaking HOT!

Sizzling kind of hot! I ran quickly to the water right after exposing to the sun!

We didn't play the banana boat ckck..

Instead, we played the donut boat!

I was really excited about all.

You might not believe it but it was my first time trying the beach activity!

Hahaha like seriously!

It was also my first time exposing to sunlight for the longest time ever!

Like 3 or 4 hours? haha like seriously!

The Donut boat was EXTREMELY FUN!!!

Hahaha initially we, girls sat at the back and the guys sat in front us.

However, we were asked to swap half way - in the middle of the sea -due to our weight I believe.

After that, the bouncing session began. It was seriously fun and funny lol!

I could hear my bf laughing at me saying "Wow you bounce real high"


Next up, they went for scuba diving in the middle of the sea!

We tagged along..

Rental of uniform, coaching, (one on one) diving and etc costs about SGD 100 per pax.

Over priced? maybe..

I want to experience diving too!! =(

As mentioned earlier, I was lucky! I was on period so, diving was a big NO! #sad!

Imagine if I dive with all of the blood *nasty + the shark will come to me too! Hahaha!

Alright, now, watch this video below! =D

He said he met nemo and friends!

He brought a piece of bread with him to feed the fishes

Ahrg!! I also want!

I want more beach activity please !! =D

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