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05 January 2012

Sponsored: Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Media Briefing and Review

Hellow friends! =D

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I am using Samsung Galaxy Note now!

I felt honor to be one of the lucky bloggers that was invited to Samsung - Vivo City

for the media briefing last month..

I want them all! =D

The briefing started at 2pm and I was on time *rare*.

It was an insightful and informative briefing.

I learnt a lot about the product.

The briefing took about an hour..

Snacks were served too! *yummeh*

I went back to Indonesia right after attending the briefing and
Guess what? I brought one of Samsung Galaxy Note back with me!

My brother is a big fan of Samsung!

In fact, he is a Samsung Galaxy Tab user!
And of course, I have to show off my Samsung Galaxy Note in front of him! =D

He was delighted, he snatched and tried the gadget right away!

Look at the camera!

I like its eight megapixel camera with LED flash on the back and

a two megapixel shooter up front.

However, it’s a bit troublesome as there’s no camera button on the side.

Here's the interesting part!

The Samsung Galaxy Note - S Memo!

In short, this gadget is a replacement of a notepad! =D

You can now take note, doodle, draw whenever you want or need it.

Here's a picture that I decorated with S Memo function!

This function is definitely very useful for creative people like me! #ops

Be it designer, blogger, business man, student or even housewife.

With S Memo function, you can now write memo anytime you want!

After writing or editing, you can share it via email

or to your twitter and facebook right away!

Other than editing your picture,

you can actually edit any screen you want with the S Pen function!

S pen is not your usual plastic pen!

You can do things such as circling, signing documents, writing sms,

making doodle, go to menu, cancel screen and even take a screen shot with it!

Well, in fact you can almost do anything with S pen.

There is a built in browser that supports flash and most importantly,

the screen and resolution are much clearer than my previous blackberry (of course).

The best part of it - is the screen: 5.3" of WXGA goodness (1280 x 800)

The Note's 5.3-inch Super amoled screen is incredibly bright, sharp, vibrant and detailed.

Thanks to its 285 ppi resolution!

I can now watch my favorite drama in HD display anywhere, anytime!

The only things that are not up to my expectation are the size and battery lifespan.

The size is awkward as a mobile phone and the battery did not last long.

However, the weight is definitely very light and this gadget is very entertaining.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy Note served as both a tablet and a smartphone for me.

Now, I can look at the pictures that I took from the huge display,

browsing anywhere, anytime I want, scribble on any screen

and last but not least watch video on YouTube!

In short, from today onward, I can live without my laptop! =D

Watch its official video here;


  1. Wow a free phone! You are lucky ^ ^

  2. That food looks aamazingg! I also love the mirror and frame, so pretty.


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