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27 January 2012

Sponsored: Pretty in Pink Charity Fashion Show by Pink Dolphin at The Butter Factory

Last year -ops! I mean last December,
I attended Pretty in Pink Charity Fashion Show organized by Pink Dolphin!

The event was held at The Butter Factory.
I have never been there before..and guess what?
We were lost! =_=" Thanks to bf! He said he knew the venue..
He told the taxi driver a random street name
and the uncle drop us off near to Boat Quay!
Huh! I shouldn't have trust him! as the email stated that
It is located at One Fullerton! *ahrg bite him*
At the end, we walked over to the correct venue..

Fortunately we were not too late.

Upon arrival, we registered, collected our *heavy goodies bags

and went up to the second level -FASH.

I was very excited and looking forward to the event..!

The highlight show of the night is the exclusive runway preview of

Love, Bonito's Casual, Work wear and Glam Collections!

You get to bid and if success, you get to bring the dress home!

If you notice, the models are quite mature.

They are breast cancer survivors!

All of them are fun loving and cheerful!

am truly happy for them!

It was a fun night!

However, it was a little bit crowded and I did not enjoy the fashion show fully

simply because I am too short! hahaha!

I didn't get the chance to have a closer look at the apparels.

Pink dolphin drinks were generously served!

Interesting Tokidoki designs all over the place!

Press information - source (9Jan2012);

More than $6,000 was raised for the Breast Cancer Foundation at a catwalk event involving 10 breast-cancer survivors and members of the foundation.

The Pink Dolphin Pretty In Pink Charity Fashion Show was held at The Butter Factory last Saturday, and the funds were raised through event ticket sales and an auction.

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Goodies Bag consists of generous bottle of Pink Dolphin,

my fav magazine!! (Herworld and Cleo), tons of voucher,

travel sized products and a lot more!

We went to Marina Bay Sands for milo afterward =P

Visit Pink Dolphin website:


  1. that isn't fash, that is bump

  2. aw really? hohoho I thought that's fash as it is written on the invitation. Thanks for correcting anyway =)


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