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02 January 2012

Sponsored: Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner, Mascara and Fake Lashes Review and Tutorial (with Video)

NEW Japanese Make Up Product from Japan!
Ok! Actually not really new as it has been in Singapore for quite some times..
However, not a lot of us know about this product! =)
Btw, this is my latest nail art =D
I used O.P.I colors to create this two tone nail color!

Here's some of the products sponsored by Mandom Singapore!
It's Kiss Me Heroine Make!
Look at how lovely the packaging are! =D

I love Mandom Singapore! They are AWESOME!
as they bring loads of Make Up, Skin Care, Hair and
Beauty Products from Japan!
I don't need to fly to Japan to get them!
They are all conveniently available in Watson!
Watch my video here:

First Item!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (Price S$18.90)

My Review:
It has been some times since last time I used black color eyeliner! =P
I have been using brown eyeliner as my hair color is pretty light at the moment.
Anyway, I am in love with this eyeliner!
The liquid is sooo consistent! You know what?
(Past experience)
The liquid of an eyeliner from particular brand that I used was not consistent!
the eyeliner color turns up to be grey-blackish
(imagine black liquid with too much water)
I was so delighted when the liquid that comes out from
Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyeliner is consistent!
In fact, it is very pigmented too! (dark black)
The fine brush makes the application easier too!
As you can see from my video above I can create a very natural eye line with
Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid liner!
It last longer that other eyeliner that I have ever used too - seriously! =)
Definitely a must buy!

Next - Lift Your Lashes to new height!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara! (Price S$21.90)

No.1 Mascara in Japan as awarded by @cosme's prestigious
Best Cosme Award 2009 (Mascara Category).
It contains ultrafine fibers allow for multiple applications without clumping!
Lightweight, curl-maintaining polymer makes lasting, water proof curls.
Curved brush provides extra lift and easy application.

My review:
Firstly I would like to review the wand!
The wand is so magic that it combed and lifted up my lashes one by one.
It contains ultrafine fibers that make my lashes looks longer.
The fiber doesn't irritates my eyes like other mascara does.
Compared to other mascara, this is light-weighted and
most importantly, it doesn't' smudges.
The only thing that I would like to comment is that,
The water-proof removing part is a lil bit tedious!
It proves that this mascara is long lasting but you gotta put extra effort on removing it.
With the price, I definitely thinks that this is a mascara that you can go for,
if you are looking for something to create volume and lengthen your lashes instantly.

Last but not least, the fake lashes!

I only tried the fake lower lashes as I had my eyelash extension on (upper part).

My reivew:
It was my second time trying lower lashes!
My first experience was with Dolly Wink Product Click Here
Compared to dolly wink fake lashes,
Kiss Me Heroine Make - fake lashes bone is more stiff.
It takes me some times to put that on.
It was not as comfortable as my own collection of fake lashes too.
The design is interesting though, as you can see,
the fake lashes bone is transparent.
The difference between Kiss Me Heroine Make fake lashes
and Dolly Wink fake lashes is that,
the lash bone of Kiss Me Heroine Make is attached all together.
It's easier to apply.
As for dolly wink, you need to apply the lashes one by one.
I would give this product a -maybe.
I have not try the interesting upper lashes though.
I'll do a review as soon as I remove my eyelash extension =P

Here's a picture of my overall eye make up!
I was using Freshkon Pink Solitaire contact lens.

Do I look good with lower lashes?

Somehow I think I looks like Japanese with lower lashes! haha!
Ok maybe not lol

If you have any question or comment do not hesitate to ask me =)
As usual, have a great day!


  1. I like the top lashes but I'm not sure I like the criss cross lower lashes that much. Maybe u should try coating ur real lash n fake ones together with mascara.

    But nice try sweetie

  2. Oh my.. look at u.. the mascara looks so sexy!!! it really makes eyes look fuller!
    Last 4 hours to participate in my My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)

    Happy New Year :)

  3. Como me gusta!! me encantan tus pestaƱ,je

    Un saludo

  4. All the packaging is super cute! and the lashes look amazing! Thanks for your comment on my blog :-)
    much love xo


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