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01 February 2012

Sponsored: Escape From Drugs Land - Life Does Not Rewind

During the month of November last year, I went to Central Narcotics Bureau -

Main Conference Room Police Cantonment Complex to attend

The launch of the first anti-drug online gaming challenge.

About the campaign;

The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA)

and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) are organising an

Anti-drug Online Gaming Challenge on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook fanpage click here

from 05 Dec 2011 to 26 Feb 2012.

Three online games will be launched on the Facebook fanpage

consecutively every month from Dec 2011.

Each game will have a challenge period of four weeks,

where players can submit their scores in a bid to win the weekly prizes worth $150 and an iPad 2.

Here's the detail that illustrates the challenge for next month and prizes for the game.

Escape from Drugs Land 30 Jan 2012 – 26 Feb 2012

* iPad 2 32GB (1 winner) *

1 pair of Sentosa adventure park combo package (16 winners)

All of the games will remain on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook page

for one year even after the challenge period.

The games were created by three teams of students from;

Singapore Polytechnic (The Right Choice),

ITE College Central (Escape from Drugs Land) and

ITE College West (Jump Jump Rescue).

The three games clinched the top spots at the Flash Games Competition

organised by NCADA and CNB in October 2010.

Being a blogger, I was invited to the media preview last November and

was given privileges to try the game! How cool is that?

I tried all of the three games and all of them are really fun and easy to play!

I learnt a lot from the game too!

The upcoming game, Escape from drug land - is an interactive game where you

need to move forward, try your best to escape from the drugs land.

Random questions and quizzes will pop up during the process

and you need to tackle those problem before moving to the next stage.

You will learn a lot on how drugs will destroy your life.

Life does not rewind - there's nothing good about drugs. So why risk your life playing with it?

Enjoy life, live happily and healthily - Before you do anything, think about everyone around you.

You parent, siblings, friends..choose the right decision, friend!

Pic credit: CNB

Sumptuous meal were served to us..!

Everything was yummy!

Life Does Not Rewind –
This is the theme that the creation of the games were based on.
The games teach players the dangers of drug abuse by illustrating
the harmful effects through the game play.
For example, in Escape from Drugs Land, the player begins his journey on a game board,
where the dice determines the number of steps he can take each time.
On every square is a quiz, drug information,refusal tip, word search puzzle, or mini game.
The player has to complete the board in the shortest time possible
and his timing will be converted into a score.
In line with the theme ‘Life Does Not Rewind’,
all games do not have the ‘undo’ function such that the player
cannot go back to the previous step and can only advance.

In Escape from Drugs Land,
the player cannot move backwards on the game board.

Visit their facebook here and try out the game now!


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  2. How cool!! I'll have to check out the game!

  3. Hahas Wow was just viewing the life does not rewind fb page and saw your post, came into your blog and read what you posted. I thank you on behalf of my team for advertising our game, "Escape from drugs land" Hope you enjoy it and wish u good luck in getting the top score! =D

  4. I'm not the one for games but with that food, I just might!

  5. Wow!!! This is such a fabulous initiative and a wonderful way to spread awareness. I have always believed that anti-drugs communication must come of age. I am glad that's happening now.

  6. Yes guys! you should play the game and win some prizes too! =) @Alvin thanks for the wonderful game!


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