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23 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year 2012

Look at this!

Sumptuous Reunion Dinner prepared by dearest mum! =D
That's a dinner for 5! LOL
Spot our new grill pan? =D
I got that at $32 only! Can you believe it!

It can be used for steamboat too! extremely value for money =)
It is very compact and small..easy to store and it heats up really fast!
I sounds like I am selling the pan..haha..
A lot of my friend said, they way that I talk is always very marketing,.
Well, I am a Marketer! =P

Last but not least, my mum home-made shark fin.

I totally understand that we should stop eating shark fin.
My mum didn't know about the incident.
I finished my bowl simply because, mum has bought and cooked it.
I have no reason to throw those away.
While eating, I explained the reason behind it though..
Loads of super market in Singapore has stop selling it too.
So, in the future I hope we can totally stop having shark fin. =)

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year Readers!
All the best for your days and years ahead..

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