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24 January 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 : Day One - New nail, Love Bonito, Brother's Birthday, Angpows!

Say wohoo!! It's time to doll-up!

Before I start sharing about how I spent my Chinese New Year,

here's the appetizer.. =P

My full soft gel extension- gelish- nail art - diamante - nail!

What do you think? do you like it?

Hm..I am not really satisfy with the result..

as I expect the base colour to be very gold..

But this gelish polish doesn't seems to have that strong-bright gold effect..

Moreover, it is expensive! I spent Rp 400.000 on this!

(about $55 #madcheap compared to Singapore I knew it)

But in Indonesia, normal price should be about Rp 280.000-Rp 350.000 only!

I am quite dissapointed with the work, quality and price. =(

Next item that I want to show off is my corset!

Cassidy Corset By Covet by Love, Bonito!Link

I love the color and also the detail on the corset.

However, the cutting is a lil bit too loose on the bust area (rare! haha I knew it)

Bf sent loads of goodies to my home..

Thanks to Acai who helped him.

Btw, Acai is my neighbour and he's really a good friend!

He helped my bf almost every year! In fact, his dad sent a gift to my dad too!

I just want to say a "BIG,HUGE,GIANT" Thanks to you, Acai! =)

We received two huge boxes of orange, a carton of pulpy by minute maid!

Abalones and wine!

Thanks for the thought. Next year send more abalones. Hahaha!

So, as usual, we went to visit most of our relatives.

The tradition is, on the first day, all of the younger one have to visit the older ones.

My dad has a total of 13 siblings! that's a shocking number, isn't?

My dad is the fourth one in the family.

We went to too many places that day that

I couldn't recall and named all of the places we went to.. =P

Here's my cousin (Hindra) and my bro.

Two pretty babes my sis and my cousin (Suhanti)

Here's the red team aha!

To be honest, I don't remember all of my cousins name..

omg! 13 families! times two or three or four or five children in their family..

what? I have to remember about 40 cousins name? that's challenging!

Let me try..

(left: x, x, ah huat, fang fang, hervy, herna, herni)

We always travel from place to place together.

So, you can imagine how many shoes lying on the floor everytime we visit a place..!

(ps: no need to imagine, the picture is above lol)

That's only 3 families!

Btw, some of my cousins have just married and have babies!

more and more member joining us! I am happy to be in this big family!

One living room is never enough for us.

This is the alternative living room. The main living room is at the back!

Next and last stop was my house!

Coincidentally, it was my bro's birthday!

Yes he was born on the first day of Chinese New Year!

Here's a dog-shaped durian (his fav) cake that my sis ordered from her friend..

We were planning to surprise him.. =D

Tadah!! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

This is mummy! that female ghost with long hair at the back is me lol - candid.

You are a big boy now! please grow up and think likaboss!

Cut the cake! =D

Hahaha everyone's waiting for the cake! lol

4/13 of my cousins and the birthday boy!

I said "say merzy! (our dog's name)" =D

We are happy family! =)

Last but not least, all of the angpows I received on the first day!

This year's Chinese New Year is not as crowded and noisy as last year

as some of my cousins and fam are currently away.

I still enjoyed it though..more visits for tomorrow..

Have a nice sleep everyone!


  1. First off happy new year; love this post, that cake is amazing. kisses mini lemon.

  2. Hi Rene,

    thankyou for visiting my blog and dropping a comment there :)
    i just followed ur blog and i hope you follow back my blog if youn like it! :*
    btw, you're so pretty!


  3. Wa.. Just first day and you collect so much ang baos already?!!! *envy*

  4. Thanks for the comment @pintojak and Thanks for following @vania! =) @Jaslyn yes! =D I went to many places that day!


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