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20 January 2012

Advertorial : Spree Garden - Contact Lens Supply

Okay! another items that you MUST HAVE for this CNY!
Contact lens!! =D

Nowadays, it's very very hard to find nice contact lens online.
Either the diameter is too small or the brand is unrecognizable.
However, sincerely apologize as I only got the chance to share about it today.
My advertorial post is full until tomorrow!
Hopefully owner have some ready stocks for you to pick up from them?
Perhaps, maybe you can order for Valentine day too? =D
As their spree usually arrive 2/3/4 weeks (depends on supplier) after the spree closed.

I received 6-month supply of lenses from Spree Garden.
*maximum happiness*

I am going to share it with my sis and wear it during CNY.
Don't worry, we will definitely share our picture wearing it here! =D

Here's some details picture of all of the lenses;

I love this greyish coloured lens!

I never try any grey lens one before!

I might wear this pair on the first day of CNY! =D

Orange colored lens.

Looking at the design, I believe it has diamond effect when you wear it.

This orange/brown one is very artistic.

I wonder how it looks like on eyes.

OMG! Look at the design of this pair!

So unique! and yes, I saw *bambi series* before

and I thought, this is similar to that?

Usually such lens is quite expensive.

However, spree garden is offering it at less than $30!

It is a steal!

Soft Pink!

Pink lens tends to soften a look and I think I need that.

Hahaha I look quite arrogant and fierce in real life fml!

Last but not least,

Purple one! ZOMG! This is so pretty! =D

Might wear it on the first day of CNY too.

I can't decide =P

All of their lens can be kept for a year!

But for hygiene purposeI, would suggest you to discard it after about 3 months!

About Spree Garden

This is the place to look for lens!

Their stock are mostly from Japan and Korea.

Brand they carry: Barbie Lens, Ice Eye Baby Series, EOS and a lot more..

This is their customer's testimonial space

check out what their opinion?


CNY Promo: Barbie Eyes Series #5 are 15.8~18.2mm, PM to order here
♥$25 per pair♥
♥Buy 2 get 1 FREE ♥
♥Buy 4 get 2 FREE + FREE Lens casings♥

What's more mention that you are "Jan_Ad" and received 5% off!

Visit their website now!!


  1. nice lenses ! and btw i agree at the statement that you look fierce.. even in pictures actually but there's no doubt you're still really pretty :D

  2. Wow, those lenses are wild....I'd love the see the green one on you!

    Also, I made 2 purse clutches and I'm giving away one of them. You can choose which size you like here!

  3. haha thanks for the cooment yen cheng =)


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