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17 January 2012

Advertorial: Montrose Desires

Before I start reviewing today's featured blogshop,
I just want to remind everyone..
If you plan to loss weight for CNY, start your plan NOW! TODAY!
Muahaha..I have been controlling my meal starting yesterday!
For me, diet means no dinner! =D
It works very well on me. I can easily skip my dinner when bf is not with me.
And yes! He is away! #ultrahappy muahaha..
He went back to Indonesia last Saturday!

My parent came to Singapore last Sunday.
Dad was planning to buy some new clothes.
However, unfortunately, he didn't get any at the end.
Mum bought two dresses and some abalones home. Hahaha! #woman

Today's advertorial is about Montrose Desires!
Look at their nice logo! simple and elegant.
"Coz every girl is special.." M. Desires =D

The parcel arrived right at my door step last week.
Look at what I received! Everything was packed nicely in this box!

Here's a picture to make you feel excited!
Everything I received from them was so special.

The first item that I want to blog about is this dress.
Dance the Night Away in Red Dress (D000027)

I love the color of this dress very much! Pink feat Orange =D

Definitely high quality material! There's a zip on the back.

I usually wear size M for such dress.

This dress fit nicely on me. Except the bust =x

This is my problem haha I have a *** size bust and I hate it.

I wish my boobs were a lil bit smaller hahaha! #outoftopic

Next item,

Furry Leopard Print Boxy Khaki Bag (B000012)


Ps: Sincerely apologize for the unclear picture as this picture was taken outdoor.

Here' the actual color of the bag!

Don't you think that this bag is so vintage and special?

Leopard print has been really popular recently.

This is definitely a fashionable item that you need to have!

Quickly go to their site and get one now!

Most of the colors are sold out! Limited pieces left!

Furry Texture X Synthetic Leather

Ps: My medicure was done by using product sponsored by Sally Hansen.

A tutorial is coming your way this weekend!

The best part of all is the service provided by Montrose Desires!

They take and respond all of the feedback from their customers seriously and promptly.

I personally have already experienced it myself! =D

So, rest assured. As mentioned, customers satisfaction is their first priority!

Expect friendly and attentive service from Montrose Desires.

About Montrose Desires

At Montrose Desires, we strive to fulfill your desires to feel like a high fashion model

yet at affordable prices bringing you the best shopping experience.

Everything is carefully hand-picked with 2 goals in mind.

Fashionable and comfortable partnered with

a combination of criteria such as quality, design, attractiveness, uniqueness

but most importantly with YOU in mind..

so you can be sure that satisfaction is what you’ll get.

You will definitely feel like a ‘celebrity’ with our special range of services from personalization

to even the finest most minute details like packaging and wrapping.

At Montrose Desires..Feel special..Feel unique..Feel like a Princess..!

Guess what's next? Special discount from Montrose Desires!

They're currently running a CNY promotion which customers get 12% off.

However, being my reader, you are entitled to an exclusive 15% off coupon code.

Yes!! you are right! My readers get more discount!

Step 1:' LIKE' Montrose Desires at

Step 2:Drop them a private message in their facebook page stating

" I am a reader of Irene", and they will reply with the exclusive discount coupon code.

Montrose Desires provides a FREE personalized message service as shown at

It's great to send as gifts.

They also have a selection of items available at Toy Outpost 112 Katong

till 29 February for anyone who wishes to purchase on the spot.

What are you waiting for?Shop away now!!


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