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16 January 2012


We are exactly ONE WEEK away from Chinese New Year

#wohoo If you really really plan to shop online..

Do it ASAP! So that, you can receive your apparels before CNY.

Today, I am going to introduce LoveFiieFiie online shop to you!

I believed my loyal readers should have heard about them before

as I am a big fan of LoveFiieFiie. Their apparels are fashionable and updated!

Here's the apparels I received from them last week!

Btw, if you noticed, recently I am into nude/orange/brown color apparels!!

These are my new favorite colors! They are not so boring as black and white.

At the same time, not so bright as red, yellow and etc..

Here's the list of items on me:

1. Gold Buttons Copper Blazer

2. Fly Swallow Fly Top - Black

3. Panel Bandage Skirt - Size M

I love this look VERY MUCH!

I think I look cool on it. Don't you think so? =P

The material of the blazer is thick and comfortable!

Most importantly, I can pair that blazer with almost any outfit!

The swallow top is my second favorite!!!

It has this miu miu inspired feel. =P

The material of it is soft and light!

Lastly, the bandage skirt!

The print of the skirt if very artististic! =D

Polkadot? Not really polkadot!

In addition, the cutting of the bandage skirt is nice.

Not too tight or loose on me!

About LoveFiieFiie

At LoveFiiefiie, we adore Japanese fashion and the products we manufactured and bring in,

aims to be inspired by the Tokyo street fashion.

We always fall head over heels silly-ly over flora designs, laces, polka dots,

military style and many many lovely Popteen/Vivi designs,

and we hope, that you do as well! Join mailing list for latest updates

& like our facebook for giveaways & perks!

Like & share now to get$1 off each item purchased + 10 lucky girls will walk away with a $10 LFF voucher!

step 1: like our fanpage

step 2: share album #26 Lunar Rhapsody on your wall

step 3: comment on album after you have shared! :)

Visit today!


  1. Such a great post, I like it!!! The photos are simply great!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  2. cute pictures! love it~


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