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21 January 2012

Advertorial : Hautebella

OMG! Finally last advertorial of the week! *wohoo!!*

I am going back to Indonesia today! =D

Follow me on twitter HERE and see how many luggage I brought back with me ckck..

I ordered some apparels from HauteBella last Wed/Thursday, I can't remember.

Thanks to the owner! they sent my parcel right to me on the next day after I order.

The parcel came on time and just in nice for CNY! *wohoo*

Thank you so much for the awesome service.

Here's the items I received;

1. DR020 Club Vaughn Toga Dress - TAN.

2. DR047 70s Styled Dress - KLM Brown

Don't you think that their apparels are so interesting?

Here's the first one!

One of the conditions that I always look for when I buy my item is that,

I don't like something that everyone have..!

and look at this apparel! The design is so special and unique!

I am quite sure that, I wont bump into someone that wear the same piece as me! =D

Next thing that I would like to share is about its material!

It's t-shirt alike material and it's quite thick! =)

Looking at this picture above, I want to cry! T-T

I just sent Gucci away for pet boarding this morning.

How sad is that? huhuhu...

Next fashionable item is this dress!

I love the details on the dress! It's so elegant and have Hollywood-feel! =P

The only thing that I want to comment is the cutting.

The bust area is a lil bit small and the material is not strectable.

It's quite tight on me, unfortunately. This is suitable for petite slim lady =)

About HauteBella

One day, Belle and Audrey had a concussion from

hitting that merciless glass ceiling that so many of us know so well.

After gaining consciousness, they both agreed that

they should leave their corporate jobs behind and start out on their own.

Each of them knew they had the tools to not only make it on their own,

but to thrive better than ever before.

These ladies are now determined to show the world their strength,

a force that has gone unnoticed for far too long.

Perhaps they may actually achieve their fantasy of world domination.

Not through world peace like the top 10 finalists at all beauty pageantwould say,

but through ready-to-wear fashion for women like them everywhere else.

The genre of fashion here is preta-porter;

an eclectic collection from all over Asia, fit for empowered women like you.

Belle and Audrey have made sure that their collection

will not only take you to school or the office, but to wild nights at the club,

to romantic walks on the beach and even to hot and heavy dates! *wink*

We hope you find your strength (and fashion) through our website too.

We raise our glass to women from 8 to 80 everywhere.

We love you and you amaze us.

Here's to you having it all,

Belle and Audrey.

HauteBella is a well-organized online shop with a clean and official website at

Do visit them and check out their office, clubbing, hot dates and new arrival apparels.

Check out their XinMSN and Moccaperks Promos here;

Happy Holiday bellas!


  1. I love the shirt! Its fantastic!

  2. Yes you should visit their blog shop and check them out!


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