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19 January 2012

Advertorial : - If you got it. Flaunt it

Omg! Last two days to shop!!!
Are you ready to welcome the dragon year? =D
I am so excited today because I am going to share;
A *set* of apparel I received from FLAUNT.CC!!!

If you are my loyal reader you should have heard about this blog shop.
Click here for their previous advertorial.

This time round, Orange is the theme!
Here's the items I received from them;

1. Long Sleeve Peterpan Collar Tunic - Orange
2. Skittles Mini Skirt - Black size M
3. Celine Nylon Shopper - Orange / Brown
4. Lace Up Booties - Brown Leather - size 36

Firstly, lets talk about the peter pan collar tunic !
OMG! Peter pan collar has been very popular recently!
And a good, nice cutting, good material one is very difficult to find!
Either material is very thin or too thick! lol

I was so extremely happy when I saw that is selling it! =D
Without doubt, I ordered mine! and it's in this awesome burnt orange color!
Again, orange is a very hot colour at the moment! =D

Next items is the mini skirt.The material is flowy light.
Every woman should have least have a black skirt in their closet.
Black skirt is a must have! as it is very versatile and basic!
Size M fits me nicely and there is a zip at the back..
It can be used to pair with anything!
use it as a high waist skirt, office skirt, inner skirt?
All of the options are possible!

Next cool item is this bag! Yes, it may looks like a branded inspired bag.
Yes. I do admit that. But after You take a closer look at the bag,
the colour and design of it are *printed* on the bag!
How creative and unique is that.

Last but not least a lace booties that I have been looking for!!
I saw and notices this type of shoes countless time in the Japanese Magazine.
I thought it looks cool! So I decided to get one!
I usually wear size 37 but this size 36 booties fits me nicely *extremely delighted*


If you got it. Flaunt it.
That's what the FLAUNT girl is all about - she has fun with fashion.
She looks good, and she knows it.
She's quirky, she's cool, she's a lil offbeat and has an impeccable albeit eclectic style.
She's the quintessential Fashionista - never afraid to experiment,
and always ready for some fun.
She's confident and she embraces life and all that comes along with it.
She's fabulous in her own right, and she's not shy to show it.

Read about them - Behind The Seams

Visit FLAUNT.CC now!!
Free TaQbin courier service when you buy 3 items from their store!

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