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12 December 2011

Winter Dream Christmas Musical Show Vivo City Singapore

We are 12 days away from Christmas! =)

There were loads of activities and promotions at Vivo City!

Here's one of them;

Watch the Winter Dream

Winter Dream – A Christmas Musical
Shoppers will have the opportunity to watch the show from 2 – 11 December. They just need to spend a minimum of $100 from 21 November to 11 December to redeem a pass for two.

Date/ Time : 2 - 11 Dec 2011 (except on 5 Dec 2011), 8pm
Venue : VivoCity, Amphitheatre, Level 3

About The Winter Dream

The Winter Dream is a Christmas Story featuring song and dance as well as cirque-inspired acts. The 30-minute musical tells a story about a young boy’s journey into the mythical land of ice and snow, in search of the true spirit of Christmas.

So, I got total of 2 tickets that admit 4 person!

Unfortunately, my friends are all busy and my family is not in Singapore!

After from JeanYip, I went to Vivo City reasons were;

I wanted to buy some Christmas decoration

It's easier to go home from Vivo City

I have tickets to Winter Dream Christmas Show!

So, without hesitate, I decided to go to Vivo City!

I walked around and bought loads of items!

After about 8 or 9 pm,

I went to the theater and watched the music show alone! so sad!

I wish you were there with me =)

You - here refers to Gucci =P

I invited a family of three in! =)

They were watching from outside and since I am alone, why not right?

The show was fabulous!

I did captured everything in a video BUT!

Something went wrong and I only managed to burn first half of it!

There were several performance such as;

acrobatic, skating performance, dance and a lot more..

After the show, there was a photo session!

You get to take some picture with the performance!

It was very crowded! So I decided to just go home!

To be at home alone is not fun at all!!

I have been staying at home for almost a week!

That's insane! How about my meal?

I have been eating noodle noodle and noodle!

I can't wait to gather with my family this weekend!

Indonesia, see you this Monday! =D


  1. looks awesome! thanks for sharing the video I enjoyed it :D

  2. That christmas tree <3

    Maybe you have time to read my New post..


Thanks for your lovely comment!