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28 December 2011

Thanks for the Steam Cream, Japalang!

Received a surprise Christmas gift from one of my sponsors! =D

Thank you so much Japalang Singapore

About Japalang Pte Ltd

Japalang Pte Ltd specializes in providing one-stop business solution for
the sales, marketing, brand development and distribution of
beauty and personal care products.

Our key business area is in the fast moving consumer goods with focus on Asia.
We provide the platform for the induction of new product to
brand development and market expansion.

We are a young and dynamic company with a passionate
team and good network of business partners to deliver our commitment.
We understand that each brand is unique and the key of success lies in
embracing the brand’s philosophy and working closely with
our partners to realize its potential.

This is the second Steam Cream I received and it's beautiful!
This time round, I received its Christmas edition!
I am excited to find out about what they are gonna launch for this VALENTINE!
I can't wait to get my Steam Cream pack that comes in interesting packaging in stores!
Btw, other than awesome product,
I received a Japalang personalized EZ link CARD too!
Can you spot that below?
"Merry Christmas, Irene" is on the EZ link card!
Thumbs up for the personalization.

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  1. I love this streamcream! very effective...... brought this when i was in japan holiday, very good mosturising cream!!

  2. Hi Rene! I am following you and hope you will follow me back!


Thanks for your lovely comment!