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27 December 2011

Sponsored: NEW Freshkon Dezigner Lens in Pink Solitaire Review

Hi Sweeties!

How's your holiday? So far so good?

Guess what I have for you today? =D

If you remember, I received four pairs of awesome lenses almost a month ago..

I was sponsored by Freskon Singapore

I tried the Aqua Solitaire color earlier and today, I am going to show off my Pink Solitaire color!

Btw, all of the photos in this post was taken in MY ROOM!

I am so happy =D

Isn't my new room lovely? =P

Here's a close look of how the design looks like.

It looks like light soft pink color here.

But when you wear it on your eyes, the color turns darker..

So not to worry. You won't looks robotic with it.

In fact, it looks pretty natural.

Don't you think my eyes look more attractive after wearing the lens? Hahaha!

I think it soften my usual fierce looking stare =P

As usual, I wore those lens for long hour that day!

It was very moisturizing and I almost forget that I have my lenses on.

They are having a promotion now..

Head to their website to find out more

Btw is my fuschia stud dress nice? It was sponsored by Vanilla Lollies remember?


  1. love the lenses! can i have one *wink*
    yesyess! i take hospitality major, why?

  2. I love the lenses! you look beautiful:)

  3. Amazing post dear!
    Gorgeous blog, so inspiring!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  4. ohh love the jewelry hangers in your room, they are so cute, and the colored lenses look so pretty!

  5. omg, wow, we have never ceen cantactlenses like this before! crazy! :)

    xx, Sabinna and David

  6. You looks great on that lens!


Thanks for your lovely comment!