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15 December 2011

Sponsored: Miss Jean Yip Super Shine

Thanks to Jeap Yip Singapore!
I was sponsored with a hair treatment, makeover and a photo shoot session!

Last week I went to Compass point outlet to do my hair.
Initially I wanted to perm my hair.
Unfortunately, due to my highly bleached hair - level 9 (according to my hair stylist)
My hair is not suitable for any chemical treatment.
He said, level 10 bleach means hair is easily broken lol
As for my hair, once it touches any chemical, it will break and become short..

My stylist, Johnny was very attentive and professional.
I was quite stubborn! haha I insisted to have my hair permed.
Thanks to his advice and suggestions. Luckily I didn't did it.

Instead, I had a Nano Keratin Treatment.
It's almost like rebonding where it soften my hair and makes it shinier.

Look at my mushroom head! Haha..interesting!

I went to Jean Yip at Kaki Bukit for the makeover and photoshoot today!

Thanks for the make up and gorgeous big curl hair!

I wish I can perm my hair asap!
(I need to wait for another 2-3 months for another chemical treatment)
That's sad!

Do you like my new look? =)

I was given with 5 packs of Biospa hair mask too!
That's so nice of them.
I can;t wait to receive my photos! =D
I am going back to Indonesia this Saturday like FINALLY! lol
Have a great day everyone! =)


  1. i'd always thought you look better with bangs :D

  2. How much is the nano keratin treatment?

  3. ohhh.. Now, dats a makeover.. really Nice!!!!
    ur so lucky to get a makeover done n it actually suits u.. gr8 :)
    Maybe u have time read my New Post

  4. i just had a keratin treatment, too! lololol

  5. love your brown hair,
    like japanese :D

    visit and follow back (if you mind)

  6. I like the result. It suits you well, and welcome back to Indonesia. hehe :p


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