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18 December 2011

Sponsored: Delicious Addictions Christmas Cake and Gathering with 2/7 Indosui

Yeaaaaaa !! We're only days away from Christmas!!

Are you Ready?

What's a Christmas without a Christmas cake? hoho...!

Look at what I received recently!

Thanks to Augusniko, the owner of Delicious Addiction for the awesome cake!

She delivered the cake personally to me! That's so nice of her!

Here's some information about Delicious Addiction;

"First started in May 2004. A humble little shop in the neighbourhoods of Bedok South. As I do not have ready cakes for sale or display, I do pre-order to avoid any disappointment. Customised designs are most welcome and I will try my best to accommodate. However, I do not do fondant cakes. Each individual cake is unique by itself and I hope that it leaves a different experience each time you consume it! Cheers!" - Augusniko Loh

Tadahhh!! Here's her signature- The Heavenly "Chocolate Fudge" Cake.

Good thing must share!

I brought the cake with me when I met up with my friends last week!

We had a slice of it after our dinner..and I only have one word to describe..

Truly "Heavenly"

The cake was extremely moist, the chocolate melted in my mouth and the sweetness was just nice.

I can assure you that the chocolate used was definitely high quality chocolate.

It smells really great and nice too.

Most importantly it's home made!

Definitely healthier and less fat than those cakes offered outside.

My friends love the cake as well- It doesn't makes me feel filling after one slice.

In fact, I have more than a slice when I am home =x

It is best served after dinner!

She accept customized order too! Here's some pictures of her creation;

A camera cake!

Instead of extremely sweet fondant cake,

I really prefer a cake with edible and tasty cream around

and toy or whatever item that's useful on the top of the cake!

Here's a cake with Hello Kitty toy on top! It's a double gift isn't?

If you want to eat the whole Hello Kitty cake, she can do it for you too!

Another interesting things about Delicious Addictions is that,

They offer Photo Cake too!

You can put any image of your choice on top of your cake!

Isn't it cool? =D

Here's the price list;

9" round @ 40 SGD

10" square @ 60 SGD

11" square @ 80 SGD

12" square @ 120 SGD

(prices stated are based on a standard PLAIN chocolate fudge cake.)

Even though I think that the price is a lil bit pricey,

I still think that it's definitely worth it! =)

The ingredients used are really good quality ingredients and

You really need to taste it yourself to discover the awesome-ness.

Visit Delicious Addictions website and order one now!

Continue - Yap, I met up with 2/7 of Indosui's member =D

It's really hard to plan for a gathering after we have graduated ! lol

We settled down at Thanks God It's Friday for a meal

and chatted till about 11.30 pm!

We did a small Xmas gift exchange too =D

Can't wait for the next gathering..

Have a great Christmas everyone =D

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