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31 December 2011

My 2011 in a blog post : Travel. Beauty. Fashion. Event. Lifestyle

We spent our new year (2010-2011) watching firework at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.
His brother, Ifan was here so we brought him around Singapore and went to
Carousel for its well-known buffet!

In February, I attended the Nuffnang Glitterati Plus event at Sinema with Mayrine.
I met loads of blogger friends that day! I met Boss Ming too!

2011 Chinese New Year happened in early of February!
I went back to Indonesia to celebrate CNY with family..

Last year was Rabbit's year!

I am so looking forward to this Dragon Chinese New Year =D

I made a DIY cake for him on Valentine day!

Had dinner at L'Operetta - An Italian restaurant near to Clark Quay.

Received my favorite purple roses! =D

In March, I attended my cousin's wedding in Indonesia.
My LOTD was in gold-color! =D

My favorite gold dress from River Island

Here's a picture of my partner and I

Received some gifts from Jakarta! =D
World most expensive coffee and a Marc by Marc Jacob bangle!

I was invited to many events that month!
Starts from Majolica Majorca Sugary Trap Work shop

Tiger Brewery Blogger Party

Puma Social Club Launch Party

Spring and Summer Fashion Show 2011

Move on to April,
I did a lot of outfit posts that month!

Sponsored apparels from awesome blog shop!

I love my vivi inspired wedges by =D

Chloe Basic Shirt

It's May! - It's Mother Day!
Celebrated mum's day in Indonesia!
Cake was sponsored by Swissbake and bouquet by

We D.I.Y-ed some cakes for mama too!
She got a total of 4 mother day cakes =D

We celebrated Mother Day with family (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc)!

Mum received another bouquet of flowers =D

I worked as a Beauty Consultant.

Apparels sponsored by and look at my Hello Kitty Nail Art!

Was invited to Dinner & Beauty Indulge event by Murad

Had a great dinner and made loads of new blogger friends that night!

Received an Anna Sui bag from a magazine!

Bleached my hair myself with Palty for the first time!

Invited to KissJane Blogger Affair - Kaleidoscope of Colour event.
Met new friends as usual =D

Last day of May was papa's Birthday! =D

It's June now!
We posted about my trip to Hong Kong yay!
Holiday Mood ON!

We went to Macau too!

We visited The Venetian!

He was so excited about the Manchester United Experience!

We went to Paris too! Haha The Ice World version of Paris Eiffel Tower =P

We went up to The Peak!

And visited The Madame Tussauds too!

Had our dinner at Jumbo Floating Restaurant that night!

Isn't it beautiful?

I bought a new Camera! Samsung ST700 and I lost it two months ago T_T

Went back to Indonesia and visited the new Hello Kitty Themed Restaurant!
Dad and Mum accompanied me!

We had Strawberry Fondue.

First Video on Youtube!

Made some cute buns with mum and sis!

Attended plenty of event that month!

HTC Sensation Launch Party (Media and VIP)

We had so much fun with the temporary tattoo!

His nice tattoo!

Invited to Beerfest Asia 2011 by APB Singapore

Invited to attend FashionTV Red Carpet Event at Swissotel, The Stamford- Singapore.

My LOTD was purple themed!

I invited Kelly too =D I miss you babe!

Invited to Chloe Parfums' A Rosy Affair Event at Paragon

Was invited by Trey Wong to This Guerlain Rogue Automatique Launch Party

Here's Trey! =D He's an awesome friend!

Finally we're in July!! Omg this is a very long post!
He went to China and these are what we got for me =D

It was a holiday mood again!

We went to Pulau Ubin together for the First time! Trip was sponsored by

It was a fun and tiring trip.
Do not expect 5 star resort! Keep in mind that it's a pulau! lol

We had fun, we dived, we played, we went for spa, we relaxed!

Ehya! I posted my Hong Kong Disney Land Trip on that month - finally!

I love Disney!

I love HongKong!

I happened to be at Nanyang Polytechnic on their Friendship day 2011
and I spotted Hello Kitty and Daniel!

I was invited to Fiore Autumn and Winter 2011
"Reverie in Wonderland" Fashion Footwear Preview that was held at Zirca

I was invited to Beauty D.I.Y with Judy Lin (Lin Lao Shi From Taiwan) event and
was one of 5 bloggers that got the chance to interview her in person.

She's gorgeous!

I was invited to Stars of Shine Award Ceremony.

I was invited to Fist Of Dragon Gala Premier event as well.

I created a Audrey Inspired Look for Singapore Blog Award "History Gets Social" Event!

My blog was proudly nominated as top 10;
Best Shopping Blog and Best Mobile Blog!

It was a happy day!

It's Gucci;s Birthday! Mami Loves you!

Finally August!
We patronized Charlie Brown Cafe at 313

I received my Prada Clutch from

I became Ambassador;

I dyed my hair again! lol
This time round with Beauty Labo Whip Hair color!

Here's my nail of the month!!

I went for a sponsored photography session at Ministry of Pictures!
Here's some of the pictures;

I like this one!

Did an advertorial for Vanila Lollies =D

I was invited to Notikum Bloggers' Event!

It's September!

He bought a killer heels from Pedro for me! =D
I am in love with it VERY much!

Did an advertorial for

Did an advertorial for Anggelleegna too!

It's October! It's my month! =D

Dad and mum gave me a new room!
I designed my room, myself! =D #proud

Don't you love my chandelier?

I celebrated my birthday in Indonesia with my family!

I love you all! + en en of course! =D

Here's the cake that my sis ordered for me =D

It's lovely!

Merzy and I! =P

Here's my second birthday cake! and it costs almost $200! =_="
I rather receive the money! like seriously..!!
Hahaha Thanks anyway!

That's Gucci on my lap. He can't wait to lick my cake =)

My Birthday Present! A DSLR camera from him.

Another gift from dad! Blackberry 9900 =D

Guess what? I dyed my hair again! Hahaha!!!
This time round, I bleached too!

The service was sponsored by Goldwell Singapore

Three tone hair color =D

Cupcakes sponsored by The Icing Room!

Start consuming collagen drink and using collagen skin cake sponsored by Colla-e Singapore

Attended WATSinside Launch event at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore!

It's Halloween!!! I was sponsored with loads of tools and costume by TheMagicHall

I made a tutorial on youtube too!

I was invited to attend a FrightFest Halloween Media Preview Event at Singapore Flyer.

It was a very fun event! I met and make a lot of new blogger friends that night!

Look at my background!! Stunning view of Singapore!

It's November now! Omg!! two more months to end this post!!
I won as the first prize winner in Vidal Sassoon Pink Angel Contest!

Look at my lovely prize!! Pink hair curler and straightener set!!

I was invited to attend Sophie Monk event and guess what?
Makiyo was the endorser! =D

I was given the privilege to meet her in person! She's very friendly and cute!
OMG! I want her hair color!!

I attended Cappucinno For A Cause Charity Event organized by Gloria Jeans.

I was invited to Bifesta Blogger Party too!

Thanks to Mandom Singapore!

I was sent with a carton of 28 Black! =D I have finished all of them! muahaha..
I was so happy when I received them. Thanks to 28 Black Singapore!

I attended Premier Launch of Shu Eumura Holiday Collection

Nail of the month!

Thank you so much for the hospitality! I enjoyed the event very much!

I was invited to try their latest lipstick.

The Wall of Wishes..

Have Fun Readers!

I was invited to The Longines Gold Cup 2011

Nail of the day;

Look at my lovely ring!!

I met Clara, Nara, Smith, Renzze, Regina, Jessie and Moonberry

I felt so privileged to be invited to such event =D
Aaron Kwok and Mr President were the guests of the day!

Ops! Btw, November is HIS birthday! =D
I brought him to a sky dining experience and it was sponsored by Singapore Flyer!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

I hope you did enjoyed the experience! =D

Click here for the video;

Here's his gift! =D
A marc by marc jacob bracelet from

I like the packaging! =P

I bought a cake and DIY a Manchester United Logo on it! =D

Happy 22 Birthday baby!

Here's his second gift!

A Louis Vuitton Polo Shirt =D

After from his birthday we visited ArtScienceMuseum for the Titanic Artifact Exhibition

Here's some picture we took inside!

I did an Orange Make Up look and tutorial using
Candy Doll Product sponsored by Mos Singapore

Went to Vivo City and Sentosa to have FUN!

Received a complimentary cake from Jumbo Singapore - Thank you!

I did an advertorial for =D

It's December! and I officially Graduated from my university!! =D
I went to Medan, Indonesia on 1st of December!

I posted about my experince of Journey of Indulge sponsored by Haagen Dazs

December's nail!

This was my outfit of the day!

Merry Christmas Gucci!!

Here's a picture of us on top the bus! =D

Received an awesome Chocolate Fudge Christmas cake sponsored by Delicious Addictions!

Celebrated my Christmas with papa and mama!

I was invited to participated in Miss Super Shine contest by Jean Yip Singapore!

Sponsored hair treatment, make over and photo shoot!

It was my sister's birthday! She's 21 now! =D

Spent my December in Indonesia..

I love Christmas!! =D

Reason is simple;


Overall, I had a fruitful 2011!!!!!!
I will definitely work harder and be a better person next year.
I want to say " I love you papa mama aina and enen" ehya! "and merzy! gucci! and you too" =P
And of course my readers and sponsors.
Without you all I am nothing.
Thanks for everything you've given me!
Thanks God for everything! - I know You've planned the best for me!
Even though there's a rumor saying that 2012 is the end of the world,
I don't care! I live and enjoy what I have now!
Be happy and strong is the spirit!

Come on readers! Let's say BYE BYE TO all of the bad memories in 2011!
Let's Welcome 2012 with joy !! =D

Have a great New Year Night my lovely readers!


  1. Happy New Year. I love your blog, as always! =)

  2. I really enjoyed watching all these pictures:)
    I love your hair
    Your dog is so cute;)

    Happy New Year

  3. really had an amazing and fantastic 2011.
    cheers to 2012!


  4. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.


Thanks for your lovely comment!