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05 December 2011

Medan: Perniagaan and Tip top Restaurant

Ops! We decided to skip Danau Toba Trip's as his bro couldn't stay over night.

So, last two days we went to 'Perniagaan' area, Medan

as they need to buy some clothes for tailoring.

Hahaha isn't this picture funny lol!

They were playing with the ruler!

They bought about 6 meters black and nude colored clothes for their pants.

and it costs them Rp 600.000++ /6 meters = (less than USD100/ 6 meters).

Those clothes can be used to make about 5 pants.

Hm...the price is pretty reasonable.

After from Perniagaan,

we went to Tip Top, a popular and well-known restaurant in Medan!

Here's some facts about the restaurant

People said that history is a beautiful memory to remember. Tip-Top, an old restaurant in Medan city, has become the silent witness for the fast growth of this town. This restaurant is still offering the old style concept that has been passing some historical periods. Tip-Top is the gate to Kesawan at Jalan Ahmad Yani Medan during the social history in the old time.

Not only having a historical value, but this restaurant is also functioning as rendezvous for a couple or a place to remember the sweet memory. The old age Dutch tourists who have ever been coming to this place will do come again during their visit in North Sumatra. The romantic atmosphere “Tempo Doeloe” is still present here.

In 1929, this restaurant was called Jangkie, the owner’s name, which built at Jalan Pandu, Medan. After a period of time, this restaurant moved to Kesawan in 1934 and the name was Tip-Top (means “perfect”).In the past, Kesawan became a business centre in Medan.

Most of the government office and foreign offices were located here. Usually the Dutch officials who worked at plantations or government office, came for breakfast or enjoying coffee break in the afternoon. They were mad about the local robusta coffee of Sidikalang that has a strong aroma. When the Japanese occupied Indonesia in 1942, Tip-Top had to change the name to Jangkie again, because of Tip-Top’s name had strong link with the Dutch.

After the Japanese being lost in the second World War in 1945, the name of Tip-Top was being used again. After independence, Tip-Top was getting popular among the locals, especially the medium and high class. They used to bring their family and children for weekend. Not only visited by family member, Tip-Top is also visited by young boys and girls who are in love. They share their romantic time in Tip-Top. Some parents even come with their children to enjoy nostalgic time that they shared here together.

Nowadays, Tip-Top is surrounded by the old buildings which are possibly demolished in the near future. The surroundings are changing very fast, but this restaurant is consistent of its existence. The old properties of this restaurant like building, machines, tables, chairs and piano are still in use.

Tip-Top has been using the wood based oven since 1934. It requires good quality of woods that make the cakes have a special aroma and good taste. The special cakes like taart cake, specolaas , saucijsebrood, moorkop, horen, etc are made by this wood based oven. The restaurant has variety of menu from Indonesian, Chinese and European such as chicken steak, Ox tongue steak, salad, omelet, bitterballen, pancake, fried rice, Cap-cay, fouyonghai, gado-gado, lamb curry, toast, etc. And homemade ice cream with special taste will be the favorite dessert in the hot climate city of Medan.

Time is passing by, but this restaurant keeps on going with its old concept, old recipe and old tradition. Everyone can see the history about the past by looking through the picture that hung on the wall of this old restaurant. Tip-Top is not just an old restaurant with good taste, but it is also apart of history instead of being one of the oldest restaurant in Indonesia.

To read more click here

It's a restaurant with an interesting history!

They are still using the traditional wood based oven to bake!

Aren't these cute lil cakes look delicious and yummy-licious!

How does it taste?

The cake is a bit rough and it tastes just like any traditional cake.

What's interesting about the pastry is the texture of the bottom of the cake!

It is crispy and as you can see, the cream on the cake is generous!

Other than bakery, they offer loads of food too!

They have Chinese food, Western food, Padang food and loads more!

Here's what we ordered.

His bro had a nasi padang set, he had a portion of bistik and I ordered

"Stuffed Chicken" / ayam gulung to share with everyone.

It tastes sweet and nice!

It was stuffed with golden mushroom and some veggies!

Here's some interesting picture that I took yesterday!

A sneak peek of Medan!

Can you spot those Dinosaurs?

I have a lot more to share!

We went to Brastagi and a theme park called "Mickie Holiday"

We bought durian home, we went to have bihun bebek,

we had pancake durian and etc.

Stay tune!


  1. Amazing pics! Looks like a very good time!!

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  4. Nice pictures!! The food looks delicious :3

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  5. Can't believe the deal you got on that pants fabric. You are right: it's very reasonable.

    I too love going to places with a bit of history. There are several restaurants across Mumbai that are very old and have seen several generations of Indians eat there.

    Tip Top seems like such a fabulous place. the food too looks delectable.

    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

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