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20 December 2011

Medan : Berastagi Wet Market - Fruits, Vegetables, Horses, Dogs, Rabbits

On my last trip to Medan,
We visited the well-known Berastagi! =D
If you wonder hows the place looks like, imagine Genting, Malaysia.
The weather was cool and windy!

What's Berastagi all about?

Berastagi (meaning "rice store") is a town and subdistrict of Karo Regency situated on crossroads on the main route linking the Karo highlands of Northern Sumatra to the coastal city of Medan. The village rose to significance when Dutch settlers in Sumatra opened a boarding school there in the 1920s.

The main economic activities in Berastagi, centre on the colourful fruit and vegetable market and on tourism. Berastagi is famous for its passion fruit. The main attractions of the town are the two active volcanoes; Gunung Sibayak, with its hot springs, and Gunung Sinabung.

The town is also a stop on the way to Lake Toba. The dominant ethnic and linguisitic group is Karo Batak.

Source: Wikipedia

It took approximately 1-2 hours from Medan to Berastagi.
Along the way, we stopped at a small stall for BBQ corn!
That's a perfect combination, don't you think so?
BBQ corn, perfect weather, magnificent view of Sumatra and people that I love.

The view really wow-ed me!
I never know that there's such a place in Indonesia.
I should travel within my country more often.

A picture of my love one and I =D
The view behind me was fabulous right!

Move on, we went to its so called Pasar!
A Berastagi wet market that's well known for its fresh fruit and veggie.

This is Indonesia! - Proud

Here we are! The authentic and traditional pasar haha!
Messy = Indonesian style lol

Other than sayur and buah (Veggie and fruits)
They have rabbit, dog, hamster for sale too =_="

Mad cute! =)

You get to see loads of type of plant too.
I really wish to buy one for my mum.
Unfortunately, my next stop was Singapore!
It would be tedious to bring such things in.
In fact, I think those items are prohibited? I am not sure.

I saw a white coloured plant!
The whole plant was white!
But, I didn't take a picture of it.

His ah-ma bought loads of fruits and veggie..

And here's her maid..Hahahaha!!

His bro brought some bracelet which I called it the backpacker bracelet ckck..
In my perception, most backpacker have this type of bracelet..

Some other interesting things in the shop..

Guess what? you get to ride on horses too!

Loads of horses were wandering around the area..on the street too!

More flowers..

I enjoyed my trip very much!
We went to two Temple and a theme park after from the Berastagi Market.

I will try my best to blog about it soon! =D
As usual, have a great day my lovely readers!

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  1. Lovely pictures.. u shud be proud of such a beautiful place :)
    seems u had fun travelling.. n wen u said dey sell rabbit.. half of the picture was open.. I thot.. OMG.. dey sell meat :p
    den i saw.. hahahahah D:

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