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04 December 2011

I am in Medan - Indonesia now!

Yoppie! As mentioned in my previous post,

on 30 of November about 11 pm, we randomly bought a pair of ticket

and decided to travel to his hometown, Medan!

We bought the ticket from and it costs us $325 for 2 tickets.

that's quite pricey as we booked our flight last minute!

We departed from Changi Airport Singapore at 10.40 am in the morning!

I bought Set A breakfast that consists of a cup of hot chocolate, kaya toast and egg

- total was $4.80 from YaKun Toast before boarding! =D

Btw, I didn't sleep the night before as I was extremely excited about both

my academic result for my last semester and this holiday!

Thanks God I survived! I passed all of my exams and now,

I am officially a graduand from Royal Melbourne Institute in Technology! =D

That's cool!

I can't wait for my convocation ceremony that would happen in August 2012 !

I slept in the plane! bread and drink were served on board

unfortunately I was just too sleepy to have those.

Btw, that's a picture of Medan that I took from the plane! cool?

Here's my baby before we alight!

Today is 3rd December 03.30 am! I am blogging from his home.

I have been here for 3 days.

Day one was pretty simple.

Upon arrival, we were picked up by his chauffeur.

Our first destination was the nearest ATM - BCA and I withdraw Rp 500.000 for shopping!

Don't be surprise by the amount of zero in the currency.

It's only about less than US$ 100.

But, believe it or nowt you can survive with that amount for a week here.

After that, we went to Sun Plaza for some quick

window shopping while waiting for his brother.

I bought some necessities from a shop called "Strawberry" =D Isn't it cute?

After meeting his brother, we went to have Curry Beehoon (kari bihun).

According to his brother, it's very popular in Medan and it's not bad.

Well, for me I think the soup is too watery and it's not salty enough.

Maybe it's just me, I prefer thick curry =D

Ehya! His grandmother came to meet us afterward!

We went to buy some fruits home from the Brastagi fruit market

We got apple, ma thee, dragon fruit and some veggies!

His grandma cooked for dinner that day and it was sumptuous!

I missed veggie and his grandma cooked a lot! =D

That's it for day one! I slept pretty early that day!

Day two!

We woke up at about 11 am (Indonesia time) haha!

His grandma woke us up lol! We were late!

After showering, I went downstairs and have my breakfast

Hm..or maybe I should call it lunch!

It feels so good to have someone to prepare every meal for you =P

(I have been living away from parent for 5 years! and I hate that!)

We didn't do anything that day.

Just lazying in the room, surfing the internet, watching TV and etc.

We went to his cousins' wedding party in the evening!

It was held at Nelayan Restaurant.

I met his aunties and uncle!

and..It was a lot! I just found out that his mom has a total of 9 siblings!

Well, he, himself don't even know about that.

It's really awesome to have a big family!

Well, my mum has a total of 9 siblings too. So, I am not too surprised =D

(Indirectly I am saying that I have an awesome family too HAHAHA)

We bought two boxes of well-known martabak in medan, Martabak BangKa!

The name came from a combination of two words Abang and Kakak (Brother and sister)

Interesting! It's a family business and I can assure you that,


The martabak is seriously awesome, juicy and yeah! laods of fat at the same time =P

We bought martabak keju coklat (chocolate cheese) and martabak daging (meat)

If I am not wrong, it costs Rp 32.000 ++ a box.

And that's me! a faceless me ckck! No picture of me with pajamas! =P

Lastly! Say hi to my new friend, YUYU! =D

Or I should say Gucci's friend! I miss Gucci =(

I will try to post a video of yuyu! he's cute and HEAVY - 6kg!

Anyway, by the time you read this, I should be in Brastagi!

(This is a scheduled post)

Here's what we planned for tomorrow,

we will go to Danau Toba in the morning, (journey took about 4 hours)

stay a night there and head to Brastagi the next day!

I have packed my luggage for tomorrow and I am ready! *excited!

Time is almost 4 am and it's time to sleep now!

My December holiday is awesome! Have you start your holiday?

Share with me! =)


  1. that's great journey to Medan.
    you're also lucky enough get that price for the last minutes.
    I hope someday I can visit and stay on Singapore too :)

    nice to know you.

  2. The trip sounds fun and i bet u have tasted the delicious food there!!

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