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16 December 2011

Happy Birthday My One and Only Sister, Ina Natalia Tan

There's a reason why her name is Ina Natalia.

Natal means Christmas in Bahasa Indonesia and yeaps she's a december baby!

That's why she is named Ina Natalia =D

Her Birthday was on 15th of December!

Unfortunately I was unable to go back to Indonesia and celebrate her birthday with her.

However, after looking at all of her birthday pictures,

I am feeling less guilty now! HAHA

She have so many people around her! #IDontHave #Sad

Ckckck..She's a friendly and kind person (Well, sometimes I do think that she's too kind)

She is very gentle too!

In short, we are VERY different hahaha!

It was her 21st Birthday! =D

I am still feeling guilty as she is getting married next year!

In the other word, next year her surname would change to..

Hm...Is it Pramono? Ina Natalia Pramono?

Hahaha I am not sure if that's his fiance's surname..

Anyway! No! Next year we're still going to celebrate her birthday together!

No matter what, she's my beloved sister, my parent's lovely daughter =)

Thanks to Pandu for helping me with the roses..

It was very last minute lol

I bought a 21 roses bouquet for her!
She love RED and ROSES..

Just look at her room! There's a huge rose wallpaper behind her!

Btw she was wearing my mum's H&M dress hahhaha =P

Her gifts...

Bobbi Brown Party Collection Deluxe Travel Brush Set !!

Not one, Not two she received a total of 5 cakes!!! or maybe more!

Omg! She should tier them and make it a 5-tiered cake haha..!

I didn't get to taste any of the cakes *sosad*



We love you!

Btw, she's wearing MY dress in this photo!

Hahahaha she's slim that's why when mum or I gets a lil bit fatter,

all of the dresses will be transferred to her closet hahaha!!

Not fair! I don't care! I want get slimmer and snatch back all my dresses =P

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  1. Your sister looks really beautiful & I love that bouquet! Belated Happy Birthday to her :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!