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14 December 2011

Dali: Mind of A Genius The Exhibition @ ArtScience Museum

If you remember, last month, after celebrating his birthday, we went to Artscience Museum!
We bought both Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and Dali - Mind of The Genius admission tickets.

Before this, I don't know who is Salvatore Dali hoho..
The exhibition was an insight for me.

Picasso is a genius and so am I..
Picasso is a billionaire and so am I...

Here's some information about the exhibition;

Visitors to the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands will enter the surreal mind of Salvador Dalí, one ofthe 20thcentury’s best-known artists. Dalí: Mind of a Genius - The Exhibition will display over 250 Dalíartworks, making this the first time ever that such a large number of his masterpieces are shown within asingle venue in Singapore.Visitors to the exhibition will be immersed in three themed areas – Femininity and Sensuality, Religion andMythology, Dreams and Fantasy – that will transfer them to a place where the conscious and subconsciousbecome intertwined, with time becoming a soft, fluid medium. A visit through the galleries will provide visitorswith a profound understanding of Dalí’s world and his life.

 Exhibition covers over 1,500 sqm of space across ten galleries
 Over 250 original Dalí artworks are on display
 The exhibition showcases sculptures, surrealistic furniture, collages, gold objects and photographs by Dalí.
 Artworks on display at galleries (Selected pieces)

Femininity and Sensuality
o Sculptures: Homage to Fashion, Anthropomorphic Cabinet, Space Venus
o Lithographs: The Art of Love, Dalí Illustrates Casanova

Religion and Mythology
o Sculptures: Adam and Eve, Snail and the Angel, Vision of the Angel
o Collages: Twelve Tribes of Israel, Cassandra’s Loves

Dreams and Fantasy
o Sculptures: Alice in Wonderland, Persistence of Memory, Dance of Time I
o Furniture: Mae West Lips Sofa, Bracelli Lamp, Leda Armchair
o Glasswork, Daum Crystal: Melted Clock, Venus with Drawers

Gold Objects
o Dalí Tortoise Charm, Dalí Key, Dalí Flower
 The painting of Spellbound, a visually spectacular 1945 painting borne

from Dalí’s collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock,
measures 11.5 meters by 5.2 meters, equivalent to a double decker bus.
 The sculpture of Dance of Time II is over 3 meters high and weighs over 4 tons

Unfortunately, the exhibition has ended last month.
For more information you can visit;

The exhibition was divided into several section..

Upon entering the venue, here's what I saw on the wall.
A list of journey that he went through.

That's me! acting like I understand! lol

There were some painting as well!

I love this one!

Homage to Fashion..

There's Chinese description as well..

More paintings..

The Art of Love by Dali

Interesting Sculpture

Woman of Time

He has loads of sculpture with drawer all over the body.

Do you get what he's tryin' to say by looking at these paintings?

His turn, acting like he know what's going on! Haha..Ok Im kddin'
He was serious! He read all of the description ckck..
He love art =)

Another interesting painting..

I prefer sculpture than painting =P

Adam and Eve?

Butterfly and a woman running? what he's tryin' to say Hmm....

This sculpture is gorgeous!
Ps: But where he's looking at? ckck..

Here's the crowd..

Now, here's the interesting part!

Dreams and Fantasy

Mae West Lips Sofa

Here's the description;

Other furniture by Dali

Some pictures of Mr Dali!

Mr Dali and his lovely wife!

There's a woman behind every success man =P

That's a proud sentence! =)

Her full-of-flower head caught my attention.

Colorful elephant!

Press the button and it will light up!

A children's corner!
I don;t know what he's doing there ckck..

The melted clocks! You know why?

Because there's a melting mirror in front!


Hahaha we had fun !

Lastly here's his signature work;
The Dance of Time

Ps: one part of the drama "In Time with You" was filmed here!


  1. Dali is one of my favourite artists! I would love to be able to go to this exhibit.

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