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29 December 2011

Christmas with my parent! - FGBMFI, Harris Hotel -Batam Center, Indonesia

I celebrated my Christmas with papa and mama! =D

My purpose of going back to Indonesia was to celebrate my Christmas with my family.
Coincidentally, my sis and her fiance planned to come to Singapore on 24th of December.

Reason is simple. It was a Holiday and they wanted to come to Singapore for leisure purpose.

They planned to stay at my place too, so no choice, I have to come back to Singapore with them.

I was kinda sad as I have to leave my parent on festive season. I was feeling EXTREMELY guilty.

To be together with family on festive season is very important for me.

I want to spend more time with my parent..

However, luckily the night before I leave Indonesia,

Dad was invited to a church event!

I was so excited about it!

At least, I spent a Christmas night with them.

The event was held at Harris Hotel Batam Center - New branch at Batam Center.

Again, sis was unable to join us and bro came to Singapore (for unnecessary reason) *BIGsigh*

Is that really that hard to gather and spend a Christmas night together? hiks..

Anyway, it was a Christmas celebration event organized by FGBMFI

Full Gospel Business Man Fellowship International

Basically it's a community that gather all of the Christian Business Man.

I have been attending FGBMFI event since I was very young.

Dad used to be the leader of the group too.


I saw a lot of familiar faces that night.

The dinner was fabulous too. =)

As usual, the light up event.

It feels good to celebrate Christmas with family.

I insist that to celebrate Christmas in the church with family is a must!

I am really sad and dissapointed that bro and sis were unable to join us.

Ps to bro and sis: Please make yourself available next year! =(

Dad and mum would be sad if any of us is not present..

They won't say it because they love us.

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A picture of me taken by my lovely mum =)
It's a bit late but still,
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! =)


  1. Aweee well at least you got to see them for a little bit. Your outfit is so cute! Take care.

  2. Amazing photos.Love your dress.So cute!


    Peace out

  4. Nice hotel.

    You look lovely, girl! beautiful hair do and pretty dress ((:

    Happy New Year!

    Dreamy Princess

  5. you look so gorgeous
    Im glad you could spend at least one night with your family:)

  6. Thanks for all of the lovely comments. Have a great holiday =D


Thanks for your lovely comment!