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25 December 2011

Batam is FUN

I have been missing >_<

Sorry for neglecting my blog. I have been enjoying myself away from the internet!

I did load of things recently.

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I went back to Indonesia again last week!

It was FUN! I enjoyed my time a lot with my lovely Family..

We went to many places..

Before I start, here's my latest nail art! =D

It's done by - sort of minx nail but different brand.

I am going to introduce that on my blog soon!

Here I am on a random day, was waiting for our car to be fixed.

Notice my shoes? I LOVE IT! =D

That's a Guess bag that I bought for mum 5 years ago! That's fast!

Mum is not using it, so I thought why not?

We went to loads of places that day!

Our first stop was Sarinah - A very popular boutique in Batam that

*according to some people* have loads of nice dresses.

However, I didn't get anything from there.

Sorry but I think the apparels and designs looks old and just too much!

Move on, we went to Batam City Square mall, we got pretty much things from there..

Sis recommended this Mushroom factory


While waiting for our mushroom, I told mum..

"Ma..I want to open a mushroom stall too!"

Mum replied "You thought it is easy?"

Me " It is easy! =P"

Sis " Let's open a small food stall together, I sell soya bean curd you sell mushroom"

HAHAHA Well, who knows? MAYBE we will open one soon! =P

We ordered Original Mushroom and Enokidake!

They are good but oily!

Move on, we went to Nagoya hill, another mall that's pretty big.

I went there to look for my bff, Terryn =D

As usual, everytime I meet her, we got endless things to share - Including gossips HAHAHA shh!!!

Here's our haul of the day!

Here are what we got!

A lot more post coming up! Stay tune!


  1. Looks like a fun trip! Happy holidays!!

  2. love your nails! is it by yourself? whoa u really got a talent :)


Thanks for your lovely comment!