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17 November 2011

Sponsored Rview: Kameria Baby Face One Stop Cleanser ,Baby Face Moisturizing Mask, Baby Face water drop BB cream and Rainbow Magic Makeup Fixer

I was extremely delighted when I received these!

Thank you so much for sending them to me!

Look at the attractive pink packaging!


An awesome skin care and make up range from Korea!

Baby Face One Stop Cleanser (PH5.5) - 150ml

Product detail:
【PH5.5】Low acidic, gentle to the skin, suitable for all skin type.
【One-Stop and it cleanse】Gentle, cleanse all dirts, makeup traces, horny layers,

it can also removes normal eye & lip makeup.
【Aloe Extract】provides moisture and locks moisture within skin.
【Multiple Plants Extract】Lavendar, Peppermint Rosemary -

that provides you soothing and calming effect to your skin.

Keep your skin in healthy condition all the time
【Tightening, firming and oil control & balancing

Rosemary a refreshing and soothing ingredient that helps

to balance your oil within skin and keep skin firm up.

My Review:

My current make up removal steps are to use make up removal oil then rinse

follow by cleanser to clean my face.

Now, I can minimize my cleansing step to one step only!

With Kameria, I can remove my make up and cleanse together at a time.

I love this cleanser as it smells fruity and fresh.

It contains loads of natural ingredient such as herb and flower extract too!

However, this product doesn't seems to be able to remove waterproof make up.

I would recommend this product if you are a light make up user.

In my daily life, I only use bb cream, a light foundation powder to set my bb cream,

blusher, eyeliner and eye brow pencil.

And this Baby Face One Stop Cleanser is good enough for me.

This is suitable and gentle for daily use too.

I rated this product 7.5/10

Baby Face Moisturizing Mask (25ml x 4 pcs)

Product Detail:

【Korea patent moisture - FRUCTAN technology】Organic Aloe Ingredient

provides super moisture to skin and keeps & locks moisture within skin.
【Hyaluronic Acid 】Repairs and provides great moisture to skin.
【Elastic and repair】Betaine、Vitamin E、VitaminB5, Hydrolyzed Collagen

helps in prolong the aging effect, strengthen the skin condition and

improves skin self generating moisture technic.
【Aloe Exrract】provides moisture and locks moisture within skin.
【Multiple Plants Extract】Purslane、Lavendar, Peppermint、Rosemary

that provides you soothing and calming effect to your skin.

【Mask】Korea manufactured mask - a cloth like mask tightly
fitted treads waved that holds much more essence and firmly rest on your face.
【Refreshing & no stress to skin】Essence penetrates quickly into your skin,
providing your an instant refresh feeling.

My Review:
This moisturizing mask contains generous amount of moisture essence liquid.
It feels good, gentle and smooth on my skin.
I can see immediate moisturizing effect after application.
This is good to use at night before sleep or
in the morning before applying your make up.
Another plus point for this mask is that,
it contains organic aloe ingredients that make your skin relax, clear and moisturize.
The material of the mask is made from
cloth like mask
tightly fitted treads waved . It's rather thick and it fits well on my face.
It smells good and relaxing too!
I personally like this mask so much!

I rated this 8/10

Baby Face water drop BB cream - SPF 30 PA++ (35g)

Product detail:
【Baby Face】Provides great moisture effect!!

A water-based BB that provides much moisture to the skin.

Keep the skin soft, tender and moist all day long!
【Flawless Baby Face】Covers dark circle, pigment and it even up skin texture

and yet it does not clogs pores.

Keep makeup long lasting, translucent and bright!
【Aloe Extract】provides moisture and locks moisture within skin.
【Repair & Moisture】Vitamin E helps to repair and locks moisture within skin,

improve skin texture.
【Multiple Plants Extract】Lavendar, Peppermint、Rosemary

that provides you soothing and calming effect to your skin
【Mineral Element】Magnesium, Zinc, Copper - natural mineral extract,

help to nourish the skin and provide elasticity and healthy skin.

My Review:

This BB cream contains much water ingredient and it is suitable for dry skin.

It has great coverage and moisturizing effect too.

It doesn't make my face looks cakey. Instead, it makes my skin looks flawless.

I was quite surprise as the texture is quite light

and yet it's able to cover my pores and scars.

The best thing about this BB cream is that, it creates awesome moisturizing effect!

This is suitable for people who always stays indoor/ air-conditioned room, like me.

The color is pretty natural and the fairness is just nice.

It is not too light/dark for me.

I rated this product 8.5/10

Last but not least,

Rainbow Magic Makeup Fixer!

My review:
This is an awesome innovation!
I can now fix my make up with just only one spray.
I really love Kameria moisturizing range product as nowadays, most of us
often stay indoor/ in the air-conditioned room!
Moisturizing skin cake and make up product are highly needed.
Another things that pleased me is the scent!
All of the Kameria's product smells good and refreshing.
Rainbow Magic Makeup Fixer does moisturize my skin.
It is suitable to use on both oily skin or dry skin.
For oily skin, you can spray this makeup fixer on your face
before cleaning your face with tissue or blotter paper.
For dry skin, you can use this directly onto your face
and wait for it to dry up naturally.

I rated this product 8/10

All of the products mentioned above can be found in BHG Bugis and Clementi
John Little Marina Square, Plaza Singapura and Jurong Point
Selected SASA store.


  1. the packaging is really nice!

  2. Looking nice. Can we use this lotion cream daily?? Because i have read about amount of Lotion kit which will effect as negatively on skin after long time.

  3. Hi, conversely, we should use cream/lotion daily! Because we are always indoor - the air conditioner dries up our skin. As long as you cleanse toughly, it shouldn't be a problem =) Hope it helps

  4. Anonymous18 May, 2013

    I know this post had been long time ago butiIm thinking of buying the makeup fixer. I have oily skin and is it okay if i just spray it directly onto my face after applying makeup?


Thanks for your lovely comment!