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25 November 2011

Sponsored Review: NEW Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, Pure Mineral BB Mousse and Color Sensational Lipstick

Yay! Today I am going to review some products from every woman's favorite brand,


Be it mother, sister, friends, niece, cousin...

I believed everyone have ever heard about Maybelline!

My mum love their lipstick, I love their foundation, sis love their eye liner!

L’ORÉAL is the worldwide leader in cosmetics with consolidated sales exceeding 19.5billion in 2010. With over 23 brands worldwide in five key expertise areas (haircare, haircolor, skincare, make-up and fragrance), the company is fully committed to putting energy and know-how into the business of beauty. It has successfully done this for nearly a century and has a long list of patents including 610 patents filed in 2010 alone. L’ORÉAL believes that it is the right of the individual to express their personalities to the full and works towards the well-being of men and women, in all their diversity, around the world.

Look at how generous they are!

I am sponsored with these items above for my review!
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Okay lets get started!
This is the first item for today!

Maybelline's Pure Mineral B.B Mousse
An innovative lightweight B.B mousse that offers effortless natural looking radiance
This is a new product that they have just launched early of this month!

Looking for a fuss-free beauty routine to fit your busy schedule? With Maybelline’s new Pure Mineral B.B Mousse, all it takes to achieve natural looking radiance is a simple dollop of soft, airy mousse!

Developed in Japan, the Pure Mineral B.B Mousse is designed as a one-step ultra-lightweight skincare solution: it moisturizes skin, conceals imperfections, and brightens skin tone while providing UV protection – all at one go. Its lightweight texture provides unified and breathable coverage, while its pure minerals smoothen out pores and perfect complexion with a healthy, fresh nude look.

For the finishing touch, B.B ingredients – which are known for their skin-regenerating and soothing properties – are brought in to nourish skin while toughening up its natural protective barrier.

The Benefits of B.B in a Revolutionary MousseThe first of its kind, the new Pure Mineral B.B mousse is designed as a convenient and easy to apply 8-in-1 skincare solution.

Micro minerals and B.B ingredients are combined with a revolutionary mousse formula to whip up a potent cocktail that:

Hydrates in depth Brightens skin tone, Leaves skin suppler, Smoothens out pores, Lifts dullness, Reduces redness, Redefines skin texture, And protects skin against UV rays with SPF 30/PA+++

With its breakthrough mousse formula, Maybelline takes B.B cream one step further by creating the lightest way to achieve poreless perfection: the micro air bubbles embedded within the foam allow the mineral pigments to be more evenly dispersed, while delivering an instant pore-erasing effect.

To complete the nude look, the mousse is available in a natural shade that is specially designed to match Asian skin tones.

With all these ingredients combined in a soft fluffy mousse, there you have it: the recipe for natural looking radiance!

My review:

This is my first time trying BB mousse and I am amazed! This new innovation is really cool, convenient and most importantly, it saves me a lot of money. Reason is simple. It covers my whole face with only one pump! and the amount that came out is actually more than enough for my whole face. It also covers my pores and scars evenly. My face is brighter and hydrated after application. What I love the most about the product is the texture and temperature when it first came out from the pump #fresh. It is easy and effortless to blend the Maybelline's BB mousse. What I don't like about the product is the color of the BB mousse. I hope that there were more choices for the color as I find the natural shade a little bit too fair for me. (This is my problem, I like darker shade base)

Overall experience:

I am satisfied and I rated this product 9/10.

Price and Availability .

Available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores from November 2011, the Maybelline Pure Mineral B.B Mousse retails at $23.90.

Next item is their NEW The Falsies Mascara (will launch on December 2011)!

A mascara that makes lashes fuller and thicker from corner-to-corner.

Love eyelashes that pack a punch but hate the fuss of gluing on falsies? Maybelline New York, the global #1 makeup brand and mascara expert, is back with an innovation that creates a revolutionary new type of volume! With “The Falsies” mascara, the latest addition to its Volum’ Express range, Maybelline mimics the effect of fake lashes and puts their boldness at your fingertips.

The mascara is especially formulated to give Asian eyelashes five times more volume by combining a trusty wand with a potent potion. The exclusive Spoon Curler Brush is designed to fan out every single lash, while its wider shape ensures generous product application to create a better press and curl. The brush generates maximum volume, leaving lashes with a graceful arch and a sultry over-the-top look.

The mascara’s secret to lush lashes lies in its formula, which combines holding and building ingredients to create vertiginous volume. A concoction of gel matrix, a multiwax blend and polymer is used to lift and curl lashes, while ceramides and panthenol are brought in to make lashes stronger, smoother and thicker. The formula is further is enriched with pro-keratin (a protein known for its ability to strengthen and thicken eyelashes) to fill every gap along the lash line, making everyday false lash glam a piece of cake!

To top it off, the waterproof mascara withstands rain drops and teary eyes – leaving you with beautifully and outrageously dense lashes wherever you may be!

My review:

Look at my lashes!

This mascara really does cover all my lashes as promised!

I love the brush! It's very easy to use and does comb and cover ALL my lashes.

The outcome is very neat and curvy.

It stays all day and quite easy to remove.

It holds a curl better than other mascara and most importantly,

it lengthen my lashes dramatically! (look at the picture below)

I was expecting more for the voluming effect.

However, I am quite sad as I couldn't really achieve

and see the thickness that I was expecting after applying.

I would recommend this if you're looking for mascara that gives you

natural curve and length !

Overall Experience:

I rated this product 8.5/10

Price and Availability

Available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores from December 2011, The Falsies Volum’ Express mascara retails at $20.90.

Next product is this

Lastly, Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick!

A new range of crisp-colored lipsticks that feel like delicate nectar

Jump onto the bright lippy bandwagon and make a lasting first impression with eye-catching, luscious lips! Maybelline’s newly renovated Color Sensational lipstick range is designed to get you hooked on lipstick – 20 times over.

With 20 shades to choose from, the Color Sensational range’s comprehensive palette will you allow to pick the colors that suit you best. Designed in a stylish jewel-like casing, the lipsticks are also categorized into four different color families to help you know straightaway which hue you’re reaching out for – whether it’s in your handbag, or off the shelf!

Color Sensational lipsticks are available in five different shades from the following color ranges:

Revive your lips with Ravishing Reds & Corals

- Peachy Scene, Summer Sunset, Are You Red-dy, Very Cherry and Red Revival

Pamper your lips with Polished Pinks

- Born With It, Pink Peony, Hooked on Pink, Pink Wink, Party Pink

Perfect your lips with Provocative Plums

- Yummy Plummy, Plum-Tastic, Plum Paradise, Plum Perfect, Mauve Me

Soften your lips with Sensual Nudes

- Trendy Toffee, Warm Me Up, Crazy For Coffee, Cinnamon Stick, Tinted Taupe

Formulated to feel like silky honey, the lipstick glides effortlessly onto the lips while delivering flawless coverage. At the same time, its creamy texture provides moisture, allowing lips to look smoother and fuller. For crisper colors, pure undiluted pigments are used to create a vivid and luminous look, while a light, sweet scent tops off the lipstick to further engage your senses. With its vibrant colors and velvety feel, the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks are sure to leave your lips wanting more!

Ps: I was using the new Dezigner contact lens

in Aqua Solitaire color by Freshkon click here to read more

My Review:

These lipsticks are lovely!

Let's start from the packaging.

This Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick comes in a stick form with

slightly transparent cap.

It's compact and easy to bring and store (space friendly).

Move on to the lipstick itself. It is very smooth and easy to apply.

The formula is creamy and not too sticky.

As for the scent, it smells like sweet honey to me.

My lips looks glossy and shiny after application.

I had tried the Cinnamon Stick Color.

The color is slightly bold which I found it too obvious.

However, the color stays long on my lip even after I drink.

The only issue for me is the hydrating effect.

I found out that my lips dries up several hours after applying.

You need to hydrate your lips before and after applying this.

Overall experience:

I rated this 7.5/10

Price and Availability

Available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores from December 2011, each Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick retails at $17.90.

For more update on Maybelline's product

Vist Maybelline's Website HERE

and Maybelline's Facebook HERE


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