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24 November 2011

Sponsored Review: Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm (Berry & Grape, Mango & Orange, Lime & Lemon, White Peach and Strawberry)

Weeks ago I receive goodies from TSS!

Today I am going to review one of the items that I received,

A new product by Mentholatum!

The Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm!

It comes in 5 sweet fruity flavors!

White Peach

Orange and Mango!

Lemon and Lime!

Grape and Berry


Mogitate Kajitsu is made with Fresh Fruit Juice
hich contains essential minerals and vitamins that are beneficial to the lips and body.
It also contains Honey, which heals and renews the lips.
With Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu lip balms, now you can get
Real, Natural Fruity Goodness to nourish your lips and make it soft,
supple and oh-so-kissable!

Introduced in japan in 2003,
Mogitate Kajitsu has been very well loved by
the Japanese teens & Young Adults
for it's Fun exciting Flavours & Colourful Packaging !!

It is the #1 Best selling lipbalm in Japan!!

It moisture and soften lips with natural fruit juice, honey and bee wax!

Guess what? it has UV protection effect!

It's important to protect your lips against the sun too babe!

It is small, compact and easy to use.

Suggestion: prepare one in your bag, office, beside your computer and etc!

My review:

As you all know, I have an extremely dry lips!

It's due to my current long-term medication commitement.

I am currently on roacuttane and this particular medicine

extremely dries up my skin. Including my precious lips =x

I have been looking for lip balm to moist my lips and this

Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm is my favorite!

To be honest, before I received my new strawberry lip balm,

I own the lemon and lime flavor one!

AND that was the first lipbalm that I have ever finished using in my life!

Haha usually I will throw away my lipbalm even when it is still can be used.

(I don't know why)

Mentholatum Mogitate Kajitsu Lip Balm doesn't have traditional lipbalm smell.

It smells and tastes just like candy and most importantly,

It moist my lip. However, it doesn't stays long on my lip.

After about 5 hours or more, my lip will start to get dry.

Which is bad and good as by the time the moist effect gone, it's time for me to have my meal =D

I always try my best not to eat lipbalm, even though it is fine to be eaten.

I will recommend this product to my friends and families!

It's a good, convenient and affordable product!

The Mentholatum Mojitate Kajitsu is retailing at SGD5.90 each

Exclusively at all Watsons stores!

Redeem your FREE Lip balm sample here:


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