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02 November 2011

Sponsored: Portable Charger for Blackberry, HTC, Samsung and iPhone by Funky Charger

Hey hey hey!
Let's sing and dance! YAHOOOO!!!!
"Waka waka eh eh" HAHAHAHA #Crazymode

I love this song so much! Especially this part;

You know it's serious
We're getting closer!
This isn't over!

The pressure is on, you feel it!
But you've got it all, believe it!
When you fall get up, oh oh...
And if you fall get up, eh eh...
Tsamina mina zangalewa...
Cuz this is Africa!

I wish I can pass all of my exams! #prayhard
However, on the other hand, I am prepared to fail some subjects too (wth)
Simply because, I haven't been studying hard enough!
As I said before, I have this perception of I am smart, I am lucky, I am good.
I am Over-Positive! p.s: This word may not exist. =_="
Yeah, this is my MIX feeling at the moment.
+I am excited! December is coming!!! Party Party!

Btw, this is my seat number today!
Someone wrote good luck on it! LOL

Anyway, today's post is written specially for those who need charger 24/7!

Actually I am fine to be disconnected from the world..
But, my mum hates me! Haha..
In many cases, she always could not contact me for almost one whole day!
Simply because, I forget to charge my phone and I am outside lol
Sometimes, I am annoyed too!
My phone is my map,
My phone is my journey planner,
My phone is a tool I used to check out promotion near me..
In short, without my phone, I am LOST!

Thanks to Funky Charger I was sponsored with these COOL chargers!

Look at the designs!
I saw such charger before. But, the one that I saw was too fancy.
And the quality of the design is very poor.
Some of the designs are even from bad quality sticker.
such as: Pixelated hello kitty image and etc.

Funky Charger offers portable mobile charger that are simply and stylist!

The charger is protected in a black packaging as shown in the first picture.
The charger head is protected too, as shown in this picture above.
Instead of bad quality sticker,
Funky Charger-design is printed on the charger itself.
I believe with its durable material and premium quality,
the charger would stay with me for a long time!

Look at how cute and matching it is!
The size of the portable charger is very compact and small.
It can be conveniently put in my bag.

This is random.
Hahaha look at my new nail art!
I called it the flora laces =D

I choosed two polkadot design.
One for me, one for my sister.
Good thing must share..
I believe she will need this! She got 4-5 hand phones with her! =_="
Yes. She got loads of Big Business! lol

The charger is so pretty! =D

This Pitter Patter - doggy footprint design is for my brother.
He's a dog-maniac. Hohoho..
Funky Charger offer design for both ladies and gentlemen.

In addition, they have charger not only for Blackberry but also HTC, Samsung
and iPhone!

1. Convenient charging anywhere, anytime
2. Portable Mobile Charger can be charged through the
Blacberry/HTC/Samsung/iPhone/iPod wall plug or a USB connection.
3. To check the remaining capacity of the Portable Mobile Charger
when it is not charging and discharging,
press the battery level indicator button on the top right hand corner.
4. When charging, the top 4 LED indicates the charging level.
Once fully charged, the LED marked ‘FULL’ will illuminate.

When the Portable Mobile Charger is not used for some time
or the battery voltage is low, it is normal phenomenon that.
LED lit or don’t lit at the same point of time when you charging it.
Wait for 10-30min and it will return to normal.

Now, I can charge my phone anywhere anytime!
In the school, while shopping, while watching in the living room or
while doing business in the restroom lol
This is a brilliant invention!

Check Funky Charger out!


  1. Wow it is so cute ^ ^ not like a big charger at all!

  2. yes...and it's nice! red polkadot =)


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