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16 November 2011

Sponsored: Candy Doll Crystal Face Powder, High light, Cheek Color, Lip Stick and Lip Gloss Review

Holiday is 1 month 1 week away!!!
Are you ready?
Have you bought all of the make up products you need
for the upcoming holiday?

Wohoo look at what I received recently!
It's the well-know Candy Doll Make up product from Japan! =D
Candy Doll has been around for quite some times.
Before this, you need to fly to Japan to get them or order them online.
Guess what? Candy Doll product is now available in Singapore!

Today I am going to do a review of all of these products below..

Let's start from this Candy Doll Crystal Mineral Powder.


Formulated with skin friendly mineral powder.
This magical powder that is ideal for touch up as well.
It covers pores without clogging them.
It keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day.
Suitable for all skin type.
It adds glow and radiant to your skin.
Giving you a natural and flawless finishing!

I love candy doll packaging so much!
Look at the cute little jar with stripes design on top
as well as the little pink puff that's included in it.

My Review:
This Crystal Face Mineral Powder contains very fine glitter/shimmery ingredient
that's very suitable to use for touch up your make up.
As you can see, my face become brighter and my skin tone become more even after application.
I personally will suggest you to use only small amount of it as if you apply too much,
your face will looks oily with the crystal face powder.
If you find this mineral powder too shimmery, you can always use it as a highlighter.
The texture is really really fine and light.
This translucentpowder is suitable for all skin tones (except very tanned skin).
My skin looks flawless and natural with this candy doll mineral powder.
It gives my skin a fresh and radiance glow too.
I rated this product 3.5/5

Move on, these are the cheek color that I received;

I love candy doll cheek color!!!!
Look at how cute, simple and compact the packaging is!

Here's a swatch on my hand;
Cheek - Peach Pink
A soft blushes of color that is natural and give you a perfect clarity. Long lasting throughout the day!

Highlight - Creamy Beige
Highlight your face to create a straight and sharp nose bridge.
Use with Soft fluffy orange cheek color will be very compatible.
Finish with a pearl like and beautiful smooth skin.

Cheek- Carot Orange
Give you a soft fluffy orange cheek finishing! Long lastingthroughout the day!

Here's how I looks like with the cream beige highlight
and carrot orange cheek color.

My review:
Let's start from the cheek color.
Candy doll cheek color are all very pigmented.
You gotta be very gentle and light when applying it.
Even though the color are strong, do not worry!
as candy doll cheek color are all easily blend!!
This is my first time trying orange color blusher and
to my surprise that It works well and looks natural on my skin tone.
As you can see, my cheek turned tanner compared to usual.
I felt very gyaru with it and I like it!

Next item is the cream beige highlight.
The color of the highlight is little bit of pale yellow cream kind of color.
It does works as a highlighter. the effect is subtle and natural.
It has a very light shimmery effect as well.

These cheek color and highlighter are awesome!
I rated these 4/5

Move on, I have the Candy Doll lipstick in Rumune Pink Color!
A Ramune Pink that gives you dewy cute pink lips.

The colour is really really really nice!

My Review:

Candy doll lipstick is SO SO SO SO SMOOTH!

Candy doll lipstick is extremely smooth and easy to apply.

It gives glossy and shiny effect too!

Most importantly, it doesn't dries up my lip.

In fact, it moisturizes and hydrates my lip a lot.

It's fragrance free and doesn't have the typical lipstick taste that I hate.

You gotta try it yourself! I love this one!
I rated this 4.5/5

Move on to lip gloss;

I received this candy doll lip gloss in milky orange color!

It contain lame the add shine to your lips instantly.

It contain moisturizing ingredient which is gently to your lips.

Give you a blooming milky orangey finishing.

My Review:
Look at my kissable lips!
I definitely love this product. Similar effect with the lipstick,
it doesn't dries up my lip and it gives my lip glossy and shiny finish.
Most importantly this lip gloss doesn't give me sticky feeling at all.
It last longer than my usual lip gloss too.
I love this milky orange color so so much.
In fact, I looks pale gyaru with it.
(Japanese gyaru used a lot of orange color make up)
I will definitely purchase this again.
I rated this 4.5/5

Now, what are you waiting for?

Head to WATSONS and stock up your Candy Doll products NOW!

Have a great day ahead =D


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