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09 November 2011

Sponsored: 28 Black- Acai Premium Drink

Can you smell my freedom-ness? *scream* (wait..wait..)
Not yet, not until I have received my official result =D
I am scared. But, it's too late to feel scare.
I did my last exam yesterday! I did it!
And I am not sure.
I am extremely not sure that I can pass all of my exams =(
Whatever it is! what's done is done.
It's the time to celebrate the official starts of my HOLIDAY!

Ohmy! It feels so good to type the word HOLIDAY on my keyboard!

It feels really really great! Can I type it again? Please..

It's my HOLIDAY! =D #bigsmileonface

Double JOY! Look at what I received recently!
It's a cool black carton packed with 30 cans of awesome drink! =D

It's The Acai Premium Drink, 28 Black!

The day has 28 hours!

My first encounter with this drink was at Trey's birthday party two weeks ago.

Gin introduced the drink to me. I fell in love with it on the spot!

I am not an alcoholic person and

it's so boring to order cranberry juice every time I patronizes the pub.

From now on, I will never ever order cranberry juice anymore.

Because, I have found the coolest drink in pub, 28 Black!

The taste is so refreshing and energizing!

Most importantly, the sweetness is just nice, no artificial flavor, color and preservative!

28 Black is a premium drink that contains Acai Berry, Guarana and Caffeine

Acai berry has been widely introduced and highly recommended recently.

It contains a lot of healthy components.

It has a function of keeping proper blood flow,

helps maintain a strong heart and a lot more other benefits.

28 Black has vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids, caffeine and coenzyme Q10.

It's definitely a recommended energy drink!

I love the minimalist and luxury design packaging.

Black, silver and gold color scheme makes 28 Black looks elegant and eye-catching!

Just like me. Muauahaha #IamDrunk lol

Lastly, here's a list of recommended cocktail recipe for your reference;

28 Black Premium Drink with Acai Berry, Guarana and Caffeine
"The day has 28 hours"

Add 28 Black Singapore facebook HERE

28 Black is available at Cold Storage and Market Place!

Have an energized day everyone!

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