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12 November 2011

Personalized Manchester United Birthday Cake by Rene and Louis Vuitton Cotton Polo Shirt

This is the...3rd post? about his birthday?

Hahaha I promised. This is the last one! =)

Instead of ordering an expensive cake like what he did to me on my birthday click here,

I decided to save my money and D.I.Y

Even if I have the money, NO!! I wont spend $200 on a cake unless it's really worth it!

I've warned him! "Do not expect any expensive things from me in return." #pelit =P


What I did was to go to west cost plaza

via complimentary shuttle bus on the night before his birthday (05 Nov)!

I waited 20 minutes for the bus to arrive, alone at night okay! HAHAHA..!

Luckily the last bus at 09.10pm came! If not, I'll cry.

I was the only passenger on the bus that night #scary

Ps: I know you're still blaming me for the last minute arrangement.

I didn't do these on purpose! Hikz..I have an exam on 8th of Nov.

I couldn't spend too much time on planning for your birthday.

But, I swear, I have my D.I.Y ideas on my brain two weeks before your birthday.

At least I did planned okay! =P

Anyway, upon arrival, I went to buy a simple Black Forest Cake (his favorite) directly !

Ps: I got cash rebate for the cake. HAHAHAHAHA #lobangqueen

The original price of the cake was $27.90 and I got the cake for $17.90 only.

Then I went into Cold Storage and bought

a white chocolate bar and some wilton color gels for decoration.

I did tweet-ed about my buy click here for picture and follow my twitter HERE =D

I drew the Manchester United logo all by MYSELF. #proud

Muahaha That's what called a PRESENT. Can't you feel my sincerity?

I spent about an hour on drawing the logo.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the outcome! It worth the time!

It looks like a $200 cake right? Hahaha ok. Maybe $50? =P

I spent another one hour on photoshop-ing a cartoon image of us!
Gucci, Pi and I
So damn cute right?
I am so talented! Muahaha #selfpraise duh!
I did wrote some notes on the card too but nope! I am not gonna publish it here. =X
Ps: He complained. He said I made him looks fat and
made my face slimmer
than him purposely on the card HAHA! Ops!

He also said "Don't make me cry on my birthday!"

HAHAHA copycat! =P

Happy Birthday for the *&341^53#%()^$#@ time =)

You're 22 now... 22 YEARS OLD!

Please grow up, earn money and ..... **.

No one was there to take picture for us. Hiks!

You only get to see Gucci and Him.

(So sad! don't have family picture for this year!)

I hope you enjoyed the cake and felt my sincerity.

I was delighted when I know that you are fine with the cake.

You know me! I won't spend such money on things that I think not worth it!

To buy a $200 medium sized cake = killing me. I'll cry. I swear =P

Lastly, here's his new polo shirt that he has been eyeing for!

A Louis Vuitton Cotton Shirt with Damier collar.

He loves the shirt very much.

I said, the cutting is too small for him HAHAHA =P

You are fat!

Have a great day everyone! *wink!


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