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03 November 2011

Featured Charity: Cappuccino for a Cause by Gloria Jean's Coffees Singapore - Improving Live with Every Sip!

Hi all!!!
Today is a good day!
Smile to everyone around you.
Be grateful that you're still alive enjoying fresh air and looking at blue sky!
Life is beautiful.

Today I am gonna blog about a meaningful event that I was invited last weekend.
It's the "Cappuccino for a Cause" organized by Gloria Jean's Coffees Singapore.
It was a fun and joyful event!

I am really glad with my decision to attend the event.
Luckily Christina was there too! So that, I wasn't alone!

Cappuccino for a Cause is a worldwide program by all gloria Jean's coffees outlets

which aims to fight poverty with the power of a cup.

This event was supported by these awesome people;

Adrian Pang - Fly Entertainment Artiste,

Dawn Ho - Jazz Singer,

Linda Black - HBO TV Host,

Jo Soh - Fashion Designer,

Steven Chia - ChannelNewsAsia Presenter,

Cale Chew - Artiste,

Nicole Chen - Celebrity DJ

Nic Wong - Fashion Designer

This is Dawn Ho performing with her amazing voice

bringing awesome Jazz songs for us.

A picture of Dawn Ho with her partner after her performance.

She's gorgeous!

Look at the FUN at the back of the cafe!

Celebrity such as Adrian Pang, Linda Black, Nicole Chen, Cale Chew, Steven Chia and a lot more

did their bit by serving coffee with heart to raise funds for the Grace Haven.

Look at how creative, happy and yet serious they were!

This is the silent auction corner!

These are some personal memorabilia donated

by celebrities for the silent auction on that day.

A camera, A handphone, Designer pieces, CD and a lot more.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Salvation Army, Gracehaven.

It was an awesome session mingling around with

the celebrities and also publicist PR people.

Thank to Nicole and Dennis for the hospitality.

I had a glass of ice latte while enjoying Dawn Ho voice!

Btw, all of the picture in this blog post is credited to Christina!

Thank you so much for all of the lovely photos.

(P.S: Yes my camera wasn't working that day #gah)

Overall, it was a successful event.
Lastly here's a picture of us all together.
From left, Adrian Pang, Jo Soh, Nicole Chen, Christina, Nic Wong and Me.

For more information visit :

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