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07 November 2011

Bifesta Bloggers' Party (Lucido-L, Kiss Me Heroine Make, Bifesta)

I was so delighted when I received an e-invitation from SG FreeBee Team!
I was invited to the launch of Bifesta (previously known as Cleansing Express).
The event was held at Great Wall City - Mandom Singapore.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with a bunch of awesome people!
After registration, I was very happy! Because I saw food! Hahaha..
The event was held in the morning and I have not had my breakie yet =P

The next thing that enlighten me was the CUTE kiss me heroine cupcakes!

The sweetest cupcakes I've ever seen!
and not many of us took it hahaha!
Simply because they are too cute to be eaten duh!

Move on to the workshop, we were introduced with their new products
The Lucido-L or Hair Make Supplement #Treatment Oil.

The pink one is for straight hair and the orange one is for permed hair.

We were given with a generous retail sized treatment oil
to bring home and I have yet to try it.

I'll review it in the future! Move move...

We were introduced to the Kiss Me Heroine Make - Eye products!

These are Ms Sayuri Igarashi and Ms Sayaka Kondo,
the make up artists/ trainers that came all the way from Japan!
Both Igarashi san and Kondo san are very very friendly!
They gave us loads of info about current make up trends and also make up tips!
What an informative session!

Not only that, they performed live make up demonstration
on how their products works too!
Watch this video!

This is Priscilla (I hope I didn't spell her name wrongly)
she volunteered to be one of the model.
Her after-make up look is very natural and her complexion become smoother too!

We were given with bunches of Heroine Eye Make up products to bring home yay!

Kiss Me Heroine Make - Smooth Liquid EyeLiner N (Jet Black) $18.90

This is Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara $21.90

This is Proof Eye tape!
Watch this video below for the demonstration;

Zoe was one of the models too.
Kondo-san tried the fake lower lashes on her.

We were given with a pair of upper and lower eye lash to try out ourself too!

I wish to bring back home everything! =P

Here's their new brand "BiFesta" (previously known as cleansing express)
Sounds like English but not English? You are right!
Bi means Beauty and Festa means Festival in Japanese
BiFesta means "Let's celebrate beauty"

They are not new product.
In fact, they have been very popular in the market for quite some times.
Cleansing express was rated as the best selling cleansing oil in Japan!
and now, they are expanding their market to other countries
such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore!

Most of the photos above are credited to my new friend, Juliana!
We met in the lift while coming up to the venue.

Now! It's Freebies time!
Redeem 30ml Cleansing Lotion for Free!
Go to
Look for - Free sample on the side banner
Fill in your particular and enter your password as "RENE"

Happy Redeeming!


  1. The cuppy cake is so cuteee! Their line of products is good!

  2. yes the packaging are all so cute!


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