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29 November 2011

Andy's Funny Birthday Surprise (with Video)

Yesterday, my bf bought a birthday cake for his brother, Andy.
He planned to surprise his brother while he was still sleeping.
Last night, he prepared the cake for him + AN EGG on his hand.
He surprised him by knocking the egg on his head for 3 times ouch! =D
I hope his head is okay.
He was forced to wake up from his dream and guess what's next?
Bf showed the cake to him and asked him to blow the candle.
He asked "Is this a prank candle?" HAHAHA!!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Andy! I hope you did enjoyed the surprise =P

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  1. Hahahaha.. That's hilarious..oouch :D funny f unny funny.. hahahahaha.. very nice
    Happy Birthday to Andy :)
    Maybe you could relate with one of my posts as well :)

    Hey it would be so nice if you checked out my 2 new posts. One is about Polka nails and other is a surprise :D


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