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19 November 2011

Advertorial :

Holiday is really coming very very soon!

Oh My! December is so near!

It's only 10 days away, can you believe it ??!!!!

Are you all ready? =D

It's time to SHOP!!

Today I am going to introduce a very well organized online store.


Here's a short description about!

If you got it. Flaunt it.

That's what the FLAUNT girl is all about - she has fun with fashion.

She looks good, and she knows it.

She's quirky, she's cool, she's a lil offbeat and has an impeccable albeit eclectic style.

She's the quintessential Fashionista - never afraid to experiment, and always ready for some fun.

She's confident and she embraces life and all that comes along with it.

She's fabulous in her own right, and she's not shy to show it.

Last week I received two big parcels from

Upon receiving, I took a photo of it, tweet-ed it and opened it wildly! =D

Follow my twitter HERE and view the photo of parcel HERE

Here's some items that I choosed!

When I browsed through their website,

the first item that I fell in love with was this piece!

Aztec Print Bustier Bustier Top

Featuring an Aztec print panel in the middle,

and a large zip at the back


Bust: 15" - 17" acrossWaist: 12" - 14" acrossLength: 13.7"

Material: Cotton

My initial concern was the size =P

Luckily the material is slightly strectable and comfortable!

I love interesting printz top and this piece is definitely unique and rare!

Grab this piece while available HERE

Next cool item that I choosed was this 2 Toned Suede & Leather Wedge!

This is the third wedges that I have and

this is also the most comfortable wedges that I've ever owned!

Here's the description:

Suede wedge bootie featuring a contrast white gold leather panel quarter.

Fabric lining, man-made leather. Hidden platform.

No zip. 4 1/2" heel and 1 1/2" platform.

The height of this wedges is high and it's mad-cool! Don't you think so?

I usually wear size 36 for my heels and sandals.

I choosed size 37 for this wedges because my foot is thick!

And sizes for cover shoes are usually smaller.

I was right! size 37 fits me perfectly!

To my surprise, this wedges is really comfortable!

Easy to wear too!

Click Here to See the detail of the item.

Move on to the next item!

Snakeskin Drape Blazer - Black

Drape blazer in a snakeskin textured poly fabric.

Comes with attached shoulder pads.


Shoulder: 15" acrossLength: 29.5"Sleeves: 22"

Material: Polyester blend

Details: Attached shoulder pads

The coolest blazer I've ever owned!

Haha seriously!

Everything from is so unique and

different with what you can find in any other online stores!

The material of this blazer is very very light!

I was quite worried as this blazer came with attached shoulder pad.

I have quite a broad shoulder and I am fat.

I afraid that with the shoulder pad, I will look even bigger.

Surprisingly when I wear the blazer, I didn't feel or I should say,

I almost forget that the blazer actually came with attached shoulder pad!

It looks really nice, gorgeous and natural on me.

I love this picture so much! =D

I looks so cool and fashionable with apparels.

Here's a FLAUNT Faux Reptile Envelope Clutch in Black color

to compliment the overall look!

A Flaunt exclusive - Oversized faux reptile envelope clutch.

Satin inner lining.

Magnetic snap closure.


Width: 14" across Height: 9.5"

Envelope clutch has been really popular recently.

It's very versatile! It can be used to party, school, almost any occasion!

This Fauz Reptile Envelope can fit A4 sized book and again,

the material is very light and thin.

Click here to see the details of the item.

Lastly, here's the last item!

The ultra comfortable sweater, American Flag Cropped Sweater!

Long sleeved cropped sweater featuring the U.S. flag in front.Measurements

Bust: 19" acrossLength: 19" from shoulderSleeves: 24"

Material: Knit

The material is definitely comfortable.

Suitable to wear it to Cinema or School!

The only thing that I don't really like about this sweater is that,

it is shorter than I expected.

Well, it's a cropped sweater! So, it's my problem. Haha!

I shouldn't expect a cropped sweater to be long lol

This item can be found HERE

With its price, I think this knitted sweater is a good buy!

as the material of this sweater is thick and warm!

Overall, I love!

The have loads of cool apparels that you can choose from!

Most importantly, they have a well-organized, clean and neat website.

User friendly and easy to navigate as well!

My email was replied within 24 hour too!

After browsing through, overall I think the price are pretty reasonable as

the material of all of the apparels are high quality.

The delivery was fast too! Everything was received nicely and safely.

Head to now!!!


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  13. great advertorial!
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  14. great advertorial!
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