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13 October 2011

WATSinside Media Launch Event at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore

I attended WATSinside application media launch at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore last night.

Thanks to Mr.Rodrigo from WATSinside team for the invite!
It was my pleasure to be there to witness the launch of the application.

Upon arrival, my boyfriend and I were warmly greeted with the registration team.
It was a crowded and joyful event!

Fortunately, we managed to find a corner and settle down.
Some snacks and free flow of Tiger Crystal Beer were generously served.

I met some of my blogger friends such as HP, Joey, Christy and many more.

Hard Rock cafe's waitress are all very attentive!
Looking at me without any drink, they approached me
and asked if I want to order any drink for about 10 times last night.
That's really sweet!
Unfortunately, I wasn't thirsty and I couldn't take any alcohol.
Btw, he drank 4 bottles of Tiger Beer last night! lol
He's a good drinker! and I was just posing with his drink muahaha...

Anyway! Let me share some information about this new awesome application with you!

WATSinside is a lifestyle smartphone app that's set to elevate
Singapore's nightlife and entertainment scene.
This breakthrough app allows users to enjoy the city's vibrant nightlife
to the fullest with its cool features.
Beyond clubbers and partygoers, WATSinside is also the ultimate app
for business owners who want to promote their bars and clubs.
It's a highly effective platform for them to reach out to their target market,
consisting of 18 to 35-year-old tech-savvy students
and young professionals who love to party and have fun.

WATSinside is an application that you must have in your phone if you are a clubber!
You will receive instant information about
what's happening in most of the pubs or bars in Singapore!
Get the latest offers, find out where are the happy hours,
live performances and the most happening events in town!!
Not only that, you'll also get instant access to the nearest
bars and pubs around your current location.
Find out the on-going events around you.
Get special mobile invitations (mvites) to exclusive events via WATSinside.
Flash your phone to gain entry to these invite-only events.
Know the hottest gossips in the clubbing scene
Share party memoirs with your friends instantly!

In short, it's an "Oh-So-Happening" application.
You'll be wow-ed with loads of events almost every hour with the application !

Last night, they released WATSinside application along with their partners and sponsors
who have recognized early on what a game-changing app it is.
StarHub, Asia Pacific Breweries, Beam Global Asia, Hard Rock Cafe, Lamch & Co.,
and other prominent companies have all thrown their full support to the WATSinside App
They celebrated the release of WATSinside together with the media last night.

We received a goodies bag too!

Guess what's inside?

It's a press kit that includes a premium iPhone case from EpiCentre!

Thanks WATSinside!

This premium iPhone case is from Fresh Fiber and If you are keen to get one,
it's available in EpiCentre outlets! Do check it in store.
Download WATSinside application HERE and have fun!

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