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21 October 2011

Sponsored Review: Halloween Supplies in Singapore and Vampire Make Up Tutorial

Halloween is coming!!!

Exactly one more week!!!
Are you excited? I am! I love to celebrate Halloween!!
Before I continue, I just want to clarify that,
For me, Halloween is just an event where you can have FUN with your friend!
A day where you can dress up as anything you want!!

AND most importantly this has nothing to do with my religion. FULL STOP.
So, don't judge me, don't go and tell my dad..
"Aiyo, your daughter is crazy..Aiyo, your daughter worship ghost..."
bla bla bla....
Tell my dad "Your daughter is sooooo interesting!"
I skyped with papi mami and meme when I did my vampire look.
Dad asked "Why ghost not angel?"
I replied "I'll do an angel make up tutorial for Christmas in December!"
Dad is very particular in this and yeah as I said,
I did all these FOR FUN only.

Anyway! I would like to say thanks to The Magic Hall for sponsoring me all these items..
Look at how generous they are!!!!!

These are the items that I choosed from their website..

Before I start to review all of the products.
Watch this video that I did!!

HAHAHA I hope you enjoyed the video....

These are the prices of all of the items that I received;

They are really affordable!
I have been looking for Halloween supplies online.
It's pretty hard to find Halloween Supplies in Singapore.
Especially the one with affordable, cheap and reliable quality.
The Magic Hall is the only one that I think
it offers VARIOUS of items with really reasonable price.

This Scream Blood Mask with Blood Pump only cost $12.90

It comes with a heard shaped blood pump.

What you do is to connect the blood pump and sqeeze it!
and it will turns bloody like this!!

This is interesting and easy!!!!
It looks really scary too!

Next item is this Ghost Costume $17.90
What's Halloween without a Halloween costume!

The material is very light!!!!
and it fits all size...

Here's a picture on the packaging for your reference...

The length is just nice for me..
Here's the skull print on the costume..

And a spider web print on the back...
You can wear it whichever way you want,
Spider web for the front, skull at the back or the other way round!

Move on,
This is the Skeleton Gloves $9.90
This is really affordable!
Given the prices, this is really worth it!!!
as the quality is really good...
It looks very real too!

Knife through Head $6.90
It comes in a head band form.
What you need to do is just to wear it on your head.
I never thought that it's that easy!
The material is made from plastic and it's very light.
It's comfortable on head though..

Lat but not least, here's the make up materials;

Vampire Teeth $3.50
Dissapearing Ink $1.45
Fake Blood $7.90
Evil Vampire Make Up Kit $6.90
Total is only about less than $20!!!!!

I have yet to try out the fake blood and the dissapearing ink.
As for the vampire teeth and make up kit review,
kindly refer to my video above.

It's very easy to create the look.
The point that you need to know for a vampire or ghost look is that,
Just make it as MESSY as possible. Hahaha..
You are a ghost anyway! lol!

Lastly, here's the look I created together with the Devil Horn that costs $6.90
Hahahaha I looks stupid lol

I decided to be a half-faced ghost lol

Somehow, I think I looks like a guy lol

Ghost with peace pose lol

I like this picture!

Last close up picture.
I think I need to improve on my scar!
duh! It doesn't looks like scar at all gah!

Picture together with the costume..

You can see the costume clearly here...

HAHAHA I'm a beggar ghost lol

I don't like this picture.
My face looks HUGE lol

Lastly, Pictures with the CUTEST DOG in this world!!!

HAHAHAHA Gucci is soooooo CUTE duh!

His "What's happening expression?" lol

He's way too cute ckckck..

Looking for affordable, easy, hassle free, instant and cheap
Halloween Costume, mask, wig, vampire teeth,
fake blood, make up kit in Singapore?

Don't wait! Visit The Magic Hall!

A set of Halloween ghost costume,
scream ghost mask and an inflatable trident for $25. ONLY!!
(u.p. $32.70)

Check it our here

The magic hall
68 orchard road #04-12c
Singapore 238839

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