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26 October 2011

Sponsored: New Hair Color done by GoldWell Singapore - Ash Green, Blonde and Milky Brown

Yaps! As mentioned on my previous post. I dyed my hair yesterday!
The last time I dyed my hair was 2 months ago! Muauahaha.. I love changing my hair colour!
I am going to dye my hair again...Maybe in January =P

Anyway, this is a picture of me before I step out from my house yesterday!
Look at my horrible hair colour! LOL!

My make up! Purple eye shadow and eyeliner only.

I was annoyed by my black roots! They grew ridiculously fast!
Anyway, thanks to Goldwell for the pampering session!

I took Bus 106 and headed to Orchard alone yesterday.
Goldwell is conveniently located at Liat tower!

I was so excited when I saw this color chart!

Blonding cream rocks!

Various type of red color that you can choose from.

Ash grey brown color..

I arrived Goldwell at 1.30pm punctually (rare! I know!)
Hahaha I was so excited about it!

One word to describe, Comfortable!

Me. Camwhoring while waiting for my hair stylist.

I love how their KMS products are categorized by color!

Green add volume. Purple color vitality.

Pink - Free Shape.

My friendly stylists.
Before the session start, they examined my hair colour first.
They said, I have a total of more than four colour on my hair! Hahaha!

So troublesome hahaha! Sorry!
My hair was too thick and too long that I need two stylist to handle it.
Not only that, I want not one, not two but three color!
Hahahaha troublesome to the max! lol

Here's the color that I initially choosed.
10GN (Blonde) for my back, 8A (darker ash green) for my right, and 9A (slightly ligher milky brown) for my left.

I was admiring my pedro heels!
So nice and comfy duh!

The first step was to bleach my hair.
The strongest bleach (I heard it was level 12) for the back, the blonde part that I want, remember?

Look at how serious they were!

Bleaching in process..
Now, what's bleaching?


Bleaching is a chemical process for removal of some or all natural or synthetic color color from hair. Hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide are common bleachants. Any color treatment to change to a lighter color requires bleaching. Subsequent to bleaching, a light coloured permanant or semi permanent dye or toner may be applied.
Source: Wikipedia

PS: Bleaching is very bad for your hair but I don't care haha =P

Look at how my level 12 bleach turned out after a few minutes!!!!
See that bunch of WHITE bleached hair? So pretty!
It reminds me of beehoon ! Hahaha

Here's the outcome slightly brown!
and I am satisfied with it!

Look at my overall hair color after bleaching!
My black roots are gone!

Blow-dry my hair!

I like this after-bleach color so much!!

Hm..what do you think?

While waiting for my stylist for the second round!
Second step was to dye my hair with the colour I choosed earlier remember?

My hair was divided into three section and dyed separately...
Then after about almost 6 hours in total, I am done with my hair!

It is now darker than my second stage (bleach part)
However, under the sun, my hair color is stunning!
Here's some picture I took yesterday..

You can't really see the color clearly here as these photos were taken indoor!

My hair color are;
Right ash green, left light milky brown and for the back of my hair, awesome blonde!

Most importantly, my hair is not as dry as expected.
Reason being is that they applied double dose of vitamin on my hair before dying it.
I heard 4-5 bottles for my hair!
In addition, they also used a soothing product to protect my scalp.
Here's a close up picture I took with my new canon 600D with flash!

PS: GOLDWELL is a product brand. They DO NOT run a salon business.
In short, they are not open to public.
What they do is that, they supply best hair color and homecare products to salons.
If you are interested to get your hair done with GOLDWELL products;
Here's some salon that carry Goldwell products;
1. Shunji Matsuo
2. Hair Philosophy
3. Sabun Cabane
4. Evolve salon
5. Anthony Hair Boutique
6. Zona Felice Hair Boutique
and a lot more!

For more information visit; Goldwell Singapore on their Facebook here


  1. the contrasts is pretty (:

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  2. Gorgeous. I love the new hair color. It's so pretty!


  3. Nice outcome and fits your skin color.

  4. Your new hair color looks really gorgeous, shiny, and healthy.

    natural henna hair dye


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