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11 October 2011

Sponsored: LOVEMORE Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask Review

Thanks to Secretive SG,

I was sponsored with a box of LOVEMORE

Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask for review !

These masks came just in time. My skin are thirsty these days...

This Love More mask is very popular in Taiwan.

In fact, thy have been in Singapore for some times.

We have to thank to Lush Group for importing them to Singapore!

This LOVEMORE Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask

is their recent new product.

Recently, LoveMore mask is endorsed by this popular singer, Cindy Wang!

I believed every girls would love to have beautiful and flawless skin like many popular celebrities.

ME TOO! I wish to have glowy and healthy skin just like them!

I am very particular about skin care.

I always make sure that I cleanse thoroughly, tone to remove all the dirt and lastly moisturize.

Instead of moisturizer, I prefer mask! They are cooling, easy to absorb and they are concentrated essence.

This LOVEMORE Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask

will intensively soothes your skin, pumps in water and moisturise into your skin

to reveal a crystal clear and translucent skin.

It is also packed with specially selected high quality Eco-cert Organic ingredients

that are formulated in it to promote healthier skin.

My review:

LoveMore masks have been one of my worth-to-buy mask since the first time I received them.

This is the third/fourth time I review LoveMore mask.

They have been researching and improving their mask regularly.

This time round, they launched two new mask which are the

LOVEMORE Aqua Cucumber Extract & Ceramide Moisturizing Mask

(the one that I'll be reviewing)

And also LOVEMORE Aqua Damascus Rose & Arbutin Mask for whitening.

To be very honest, I knew that cucumber have been commonly used on skin.

But, this is for the first time, I am using something that contained cucumber!

I did some research on cucumber:

Cucumber is an excellent source of silica,

which is a trace mineral that contributes to the strength of our connective tissue.

Connective tissue is what holds our body together.

Cucumbers are effective when used for various skin problems,
including swelling under the eyes and sunburn.

They also contain ascorbic and caffeic acids.

These acids prevent water retention.

That may explain why when cucumbers are applied topically

they are often helpful for swollen eyes, burns, and dermatitis.

Here's a picture of me, before the application.

Dull, sleepless and swollen face ckck..


After application:

This mask is very soothing and has calming effect.

I did see the instant moisture effect after my first usage.

It reduces the puffiness around my eyes area as well.

It smells pretty refreshing.

The material of the mask is silk cotton.

However, compare to other silk cotton mask, this is slightly thinner.

Do not worry though, the essence is packed generously in it !!

This mask is recommended to those who are looking for a mask to

hydrate their skin and also to reduce redness.

Compare to other mask that's using silk cotton, this is definitely very affordable.

It costs only $11.90/box of 7 sheets and is available in Watson!

Do check Lush Beauty FB

and Love More Singapore FB

stand a chance to win a free box of mask too!

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