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30 October 2011

Sponsored : HAPICA Minus Ion sonic, Periodontal Ultra and Pinpoint Toothbrush Review

Thanks to the Lifestream Group for the invitation.

I am very excited to review these new products.

I am so lucky as these products are not even launch on their website yet.

What we have today is the NEW HAPICA Minus Ion sonic toothbrush‏!!

About HAPICA sonic toothbrushes

HAPICA toothbrushes was launched in 1986 in Japan and became a huge hit due to its superior dental cleansing ability and high durability at an affordable price. 100% Japan made, the uncompromised quality from material selection, design and construction of HAPICA sonic toothbrushes to HAPICA’s patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology earned international recognition and approval from various dental associations around the world.

Hapi-Sonic™ technology

Tagline: Hapi-Sonic™ powered – Ultrasonic with Precision Tapping Motion

Patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology combines 7,000 times ultrasonic vibrations per minute with precision tapping, clinically proven to perform better than sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute. The technology taps on teeth and gum, creating sonic waves that form micro bubbles to reach areas where normal brushes cannot possibly reach.

International recognition from various dental associations

· Clinically proven and accredited by

American Dental Association & France National Dental Health Commission

· Researched by The Nippon Dental University and State University of New York

· Received the Good Design Award in Japan for its environmentally friendly design

· 11 patents awarded for product reliability, design, technology and safety.

HAPICA Minus Ion

12 positive benefits, Unbeatable Value

HAPICA Minus Ion is the Clinically Proven Dental Solution that redefines cleansing.

ΓΌWith Ultrasonic Vibrations from the patented Hapi-Sonic™ technology

that provides superior plaque removing and cleaning abilities

as compared to other leading sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute

Special Mineral-Coated Natural Ceramics bristles emit negative ions

and far infrared for anti-odour, anti-plaque and anti-stain properties

How do all these improve our oral health?

+Ultrasonic Vibrations deep cleanse and Precision Tapping actions

promote better micro-circulation of gum

+Negative Ions break down plaque, whiten teeth and reduce bad breath

+Far Infrared promote better gum circulation and improve gum health

+Antibacterial bristles prevent bacterial growth on bristles

+Special-cut bristles access hard to reach areas

+Ultrafine bristles are non abrasive and protect tooth enamel


Compared to other normal toothbrush, this Hapica Minus Ion tooth brush is very soft and fine.

You can see how fine the brush is from the photo I took above.

It works well on my sensitive teeth.

It cleanse not only the surface of my teeth but also the gap between the teeth.

It also reaches some area that are quite hard to clean.

In addition, for me, the vibrator works as a face slimming tool too! Haha..

It exercises my face muscle every morning simply because it performs 7,000 vibrations per minute!

It is also clinically proven to perform better than other

leading sonic toothbrushes with 31,000 vibrations per minute

Lastly, it's made in Japan! I love Japan product.

So, for the price of $18.90, I think it's reasonable and worth it.

It comes with interchangeable head where you can change

the brush easily when needed.

On top of this Minus Ion Sonic, the star product, they also offer;

1. HAPICA Pin Point "Keeping Braces Clean"

Good oral hygiene is specially important for those who wears braces.

Without proper brushing, braces and wires attract food debris, from plaque and leave stains easily.

Hence, it is recommended to clean your teeth thoroughly after every meal.

Carefully remove food trapped in braces and wires to avoid sticky, yellowish plaque from forming.

HAPICA Pinpoint Interdental brushes with flexible nozzles help minimise impact on gum and teeth

while ultrasonic vibrations cleanses interdental gaps and in-between braces effectively.

Product Description:

Superfine bristles cleanse the narrowest interdental gaps,

crowns and braces effectively and comfortably

Revolutionary interdental brush with ultrasonic technology

removes the finest particles trapped in hard-to-reach areas


This is for the first time I saw this type of pin point brush with vibrator.

I think it is really convenient. It is much better than dental floss.

What you need to do is to change the brush head with pint point, activate the vibrator and use it.

With the superfine brush, it claims to cleans annoying particle trapped in your teeth easily.

And, it really does!

2. HAPICA Periodontal Ultra "For sensitive teeth/gum

Do you experience these symptoms?

Gums which bleed easily
Swollen, painful gums caused by plaque accumulation
Persistant bad breath
Pockets between teeth and gum
Sensitive teeth and receding gum line

Above are symptoms of periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases, also referred to as "gum diseases", lead to discomfort, receding gums and tooth loss. Daily brushing helps remove dental plaque but incorrect brushing or using the wrong toothbrush often leaves dental plaque hardening into calculus that causes gum disease.

To prevent gum disease, American Dental Association recommends brushing

at least twice daily with interdental cleansing at least once every day.

Early stage of gum disease is reversible with professional cleansing and good daily dental care at home.

Avoid brushing your teeth too hard, choose a good sonic vibration toothbrush

that has soft bristles, and look for fine bristles that can clean your teeth and gum gentlly and thoroughly.

About the product;

Unlike manual back and forth brushing or rotating electronic brush heads,

Hapi-Sonic™'s gentle vibrations and super soft bristles

do not irritate or cause bleeding to sensitive gum tissue.

Compact brush head with intelligent special-cut design bristles access hard-to-reach areas

between teeth, gum pockets and back teeth to ensure thorough cleaning.

Precision tapping motion promotes better gum circulation and delays receding gum line.

HAPICA Periodontal Ultra

Super gentle sonic toothbrush for the most comfortable dental care;

Intelligent special-cut ultrafine bristles and ultra compact brush head

effectively remove food particles and plaque along gum line, gum pockets and back teeth

Super gentle on sensitive teeth and gum

Massages gum to stimulate gum circulation and promote gum health


Sometimes, my gum do bleed when I brush too hard.

The brush of this Periodontal Ultra is even softer and smaller than Minus Ion Sonic.

The length of the brush is longer too.

These explained why this Periodontal Ultra tooth brush is for sensitive teeth or gum.

This is definitely suitable for those who use "soft" tooth brush.

HAPICA prices and availability

1. Available in Watsons from 20 October onwards

2. Minus Ion: $18.90

Periodontal Ultra: $16.90

Pinpoint: $15.90

3. HAPICA brush heads are interchangeable with any HAPICA toothbrush body

Minus Ion brush heads: $11.90

Periodontal Ultra brush heads: $10.90

Pinpoint brush heads: $10.90

With its unparalleled, professional dental benefits at affordable prices,

it is the reason why more than 20 million HAPICA toothbrushes have been sold in Japan.

100% Made In Japan.

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