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06 October 2011

My Victorian-themed Bedroom- Soft Opening

*Music Please..*

Muahahaha I autoplay this classical music by Beethoven because;

Today, I am going to show off my new Victorian themed bed room!

Thanks to Papa and Mama !

This is what the designer drawn for me.

(after loads of amendments as per my request)

Tadah!!! This is my actual Victorian-themed Bedroom! *wohooo*

Satisfaction: 80% =P

It's not finish yet. There are some amendments need to be done.

That's why the title says "Soft opening" muahahaha..

I have bought my princess bed too! - Stay tune for more!

I only use two colors for my room -Purple and Black - My favorite colors!

The idea comes from my favorite brand - Anna Sui.

It's gorgeous isn't?

A Victorian frame that he brought for me =)

I love my full length mirror with lights on the side too!!!

A lot of mirror, I can cam-whore in many places ckck..

Do you like my Victorian themed room?

Thanks papa and mama for all these..

Yay! Dream come true!

Ps: Mama said "This is a mosquito room"

Papa said "This is not a bedroom. This is a departmental store"

He said "Congratulation, you've won

The Best Halloween Room of the year award!"


I says "This is so nice! The nicest room I've ever seen!" Hahaha!!

What do you think?


  1. wow very nice of ur dad and mom ! :)

  2. Hehehe my parent is the best =D

  3. the design is great but I find it too dark, but of course it may vary to people liking :)

    I like the full length mirror though, the lighting is gorgeous!

  4. Awesome room! super Anna Sui!

  5. LMAO! i reeckon its too dark,would be nice if u added some white stuffs u own, definitely a good looking room tho
    hahaha it would be nice if it was located in some place in UK~ but yeah mosquito :S get more electric baygon :D
    BUT!It's looking cool, CONSIDER IM AN ANNA SUI LOVER TOO! ur mum n dad r so nice T^T

  6. Hehe..Thanks for the comment..Yeah..definitely need more repellent! and more lighting! =D

  7. I think it is gorgeous!! =`)

  8. Es precioso!! gracias por visitarme, a partir de ahora yo tambien te sigo...

    Un saludo


Thanks for your lovely comment!