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07 October 2011

My Birthday Celebration with My Family! + Gorgeous Cake

I wore this long-time-no-see red dress of mine last night.

Hahaha I randomly found it in my wardrobe.

As planned, we went to La Costa, aunt's restaurant for dinner.

La costa is just like our home,

Papa's birthday celebrate at La Costa, Mama's birthday celebrate at La costa,

My birthday celebrate at La Costa...Hahaha...

Anyway, I had my dinner together with papa mama meme and her fiance last night.

The reason to go to La Costa is because...

It's a one-stop restaurant! You can get Western and Chinese food there.

Most importantly, it's yummy!

Even the sambal!!! The green sambal is mixed with anchovies!!

For me, rice and the sambal ikan bilis are enough for a meal. Haha..

Yay! Mum allowed me to order Udang Telor Asin (Salted Egg Prawn)

It was once in a year occasion man! Haha mum said, prawn is bad for skin.

That's why I seldom eat prawn (hikz! Prawn is my favorite)

In fact, I am not allowed to eat any seafood (in front of my mum =P)

I am a big fan of salted egg prawn. This salted egg prawn is nice!

However, I hope it was a little bit drier and crispier.

This is silken tofu in minced meat sauce.

I personally think that it's a lil bit bland.

Saba fish in sambal sauce. Yummehhhhhh!

I like fish with a lil bit of moist texture.

Dad ordered a pot of steamboat too.

As for drink, I ordered their signature Lychee Blue!

Thanks to my dear sister and Pandu, her fiance!
OMG! This cake is SO NICE!

Sis said, she ordered the cake with purple flowers on top.

But, the bakery side made a mistake.

The flowers are in Red colour instead.

Muahaha it's okay. I don't mind. Thank you so much meme!

They are beautiful!

Ohya typo error! Daugther instead of Daughter haha!

It's okay. BK is my dad's nick btw.

Got my blog address some more. Thanks ya!

The cake is so BEAUTIFUL and SEXY!

I am so loved and blessed.

Thanks for those who sent sms-es, emails, greetings through FB and twitter.

I received approx 300+ greetings this year!

Thank God for this wonderful life.

I am one of the happiest girls in this world!!!

No picture with family. Because, we were having pyjamas party!

Except Merzy, our dog.

Hahahaha other than Merzy, all of us were not properly dressed.

I have no make up on my face too. Sincerely apologize if I scare you. =P

It's a chocolate cake! and the fondant was extremely SWEET duh!

Thanks for everything, "My Lovely Family".


  1. that's a lovely cake! could you share which bakery your sis got it from?

  2. Hi, where's your location? Singapore/Indonesia?


Thanks for your lovely comment!