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12 October 2011

My 22 Birthday Celebration with Him + My Birthday Gift - A Canon DSLR Camera!

Muahahaha I knew it!
My Birthday was last week and I have endless post about my birthday lol

Today's post is about my birthday celebration with him!

He got me a cake as I wished.

But I am still sad *sigh!*

He said, the cake costed similar to the camera cake he planned earlier.

I replied "Now, I prefer that camera cake!"

Muahahahahahahahaha Woman is very difficult to satisfy!

If you wonder what happened, read this post : click here

I mean seriously. I prefer a cake with some fake roses on top rather than fondant

(Except: the cake my sis ordered for me! Hahaha click here if you want to see!

Because it's cheaper (I guess) and the roses are not as much as this!) =P

If what's on top are fake roses, I can still keep them for future use! Recycle!

I can't take fondant. They are mad sweet and taste like sugar. Only sugar!

Basically they are nice to see but useless.

And I really wonder why he likes to give me something useless *phew!*

(I knew it, if you are a guy and you're reading this you must be thinking that

"Luckily this girl is not my girlfriend, so troublesome!" Hahaha)

Anyway, I like the candle he got for me though!

Hahaha Only the candle lol

another 21yr Birthday celebration *wohoo*

3D cake is nice to keep in the memory *ONLY*

Thanks for putting so much effort to order an expensive cake

and the effort to pay mad expensive delivery fee

for them to delivery it to my house.

That's so much effort duh! T-T

Thanks for the purple roses cake.

Honestly, they are nice! But not as nice as the cake my sis gave me earlier.


Even though you've been failed in cheering me up during my birthday almost every year,

I still want you to celebrate my birthday with me next year and forever. =)

Love Gucci and Cin! =)

He ordered it from Metro Cake.. and It's a chocolate fudge cake!

The chocolate is nice but the cake is a bit rough.

Overall it's good though, the roses are pretty too!

The layer of fondant is not as thick as the cake my sis ordered for me, which is good!

Do check them out.

Lastly, this is my birthday gift from him this year!

It's a DSLR camera! which I don't really like =P

I tried to use it to cam whore for several times and it takes forever to get the green box!

And when it finally focuses, I am not ready!

It's mad heavy too!

I still prefer my samsung ST700 =P

It might be useful in the future though.



  1. can you just appreciate? he did the effort to you, changed the cake to what you like and u still complaining

  2. Muahaha feel free to hate me. I knew that I should thank him for these but I think I deserve more =P

  3. interested to sell your dslr?

  4. Hm..not at the moment =D He won't let me sell it away too..hahaha..

  5. wanna cry when i read your "next year and forever" .... ;)


Thanks for your lovely comment!