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03 October 2011

Meranti - Popular Bolu all the way from Medan !

He's finally back in Singapore after about a week of getaway to Medan!
Everytime he went back to Medan, I'll always ask him to buy bolu Meranti for me.
This time round, he bought 7 boxes and brought it to Singapore =D

What's BOLU?

Bolu or sponge cake is a snack made ​​from
flour (usually wheat flour ), sugar and eggs.
Sponge cake is generally matured in a way baked in the oven,
although there is also a steamed cake, for example: steamed cake or brownies.
Cake is decorated with a layer (icing) of butter cream (buttercream),
fondant or marzipan tart called (tart).

Source: Wikipedia

He got Keju (Cheese) Moka Coklat (Mocha Chocolate) and BlueBerry flavour for me!

Mocha Chocolate is my second favorite flavour!

Look at the Chocolate Sprinkles on the top of the bolu !!!! *die

The mocha butter cream in it tastes really great and not too sweet.

Together with the soft and spongey bolu - Superb!

This is how the exterior of the standard bolu-swiss roll looks like.

This is my favorite!! Cheese Bolu!!!

Massive cheezzzeeee attack isn't?

It is filled with a lil bit of butter cream as well.

This is BlueBerry flavor, which I personally think that it tastes a lil bit sweet.

I don't like sweet stuff =P

But guess what? Blueberry is the most expensive filling among all other flavours.

Overall, I love Meranti because of its soft texture and yummy bolu/sponge cake.

In addition, they are very generous with the filling and topping (as shown in the picture)

Price is pretty reasonable as well.

The price range is about Rp 35.000- Rp 65.000 per roll

depending on the filling and topping that you choose.

(about S$5-10 only!)

They have loads of flavour for you to choose from

Chocolate or nuts topping, cheese, strawberry, pineapple, coffee, kaya and etc..

You can view all of their product on Facebook


Bolu meranti is one of the popular snacks that a lot of tourist will buy before they leave Medan.

Other than bolu, Bika Ambon is another well-known snacks from Medan

Don't forget to get at least a box of either one oleh oleh when you visit Medan!

Bolu Meranti

Jl. Kruing No. 2KMedanTel. 62 61 453 8217

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  1. looks delicious.
    mind help me get some also on your next purchase?
    btw: how long can they last?


Thanks for your lovely comment!