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23 October 2011

Media Preview: Fright Fest @ Singapore Flyer


I was invited by Singapore Flyer to attend the FrightFest media preview!

In fact, I have bought my tickets before this, remember?

I wore this red dress that night.

I thought, it looks quite creepy and scary ckck..

I brought my devil horn head band sponsored by TheMagicHall (read more here) with me too!

I hate my big face, anyway, I thought, I was quite overdressed.

I was totally WRONG!

Keep reading...

It was a great night mingling with some bloggers.

It was my second time visiting The Singapore Flyer.

And next month, I am going there again

(for a very special and privileged event! Stay tune!)

I brought bf with me, after we registered, we were directed to the Guest Lounge Area.

Nah! Get what I mean? Look at other bloggers!!

They were fully equipped !!

Wigs, lens, costume and even a creepy baby!

This is candid! and PS: the one behind the table is not a blogger LOL!

HAHAHAHA Creepy right?

This is me, trying to look creepy.

I did not manage to really dress up with vampire make up and etc that day. Hohoho..


Btw, it was my first time going UP to the Singapore Flyer.

And here are some reasons why you should visit The Singapore Flyer!

It’s the world’s largest observation wheel.

Standing at a stunning 165m, Singapore Flyer is the height of a 42-storey building – that’s some 30 metres taller than the famed London Eye. Taking a flight on this S$240 million wheel is a one-of-a-kind experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

It’s the only place to see Singapore’s magnificent cityscape.

As the wheel turns, you’ll be treated to a visual 360° feast of iconic and historical landmarks and views from the Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place and the Padang. There is no other place in Singapore that offers these breathtaking, magnificent day and glittering night views.

You’ll get to see a video technology that is Asia’s first.

Check out the first inflated PufferSphere using internal projection in Asia at our brand new attraction – Journey of Dreams. It projects the transformation of a dream into the icons that are Singapore and Singapore Flyer. Definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss!.

For some good Feng Shui.

With Singapore Flyer’s 28 capsules and each capsule’s maximum capacity of 28 persons, the evident figure of 28 means “double prosperity” or “easy to prosper” in Cantonese. Swing to some good Feng Shui onboard Singapore Flyer – the largest wheel of Fortune in its own rights.

Vampire Couple.

While waiting for our capsule..

The journey took 30mins which I thought it was just nice.

Here's some pictures that he took that day.

Attention! omg look at the stunning view behind me!

Singapore is a city of light at night! =D

You really need to experience it yourself to feel wow!

Lastly, can you spot that creepy thingy inside that capsule? *RUNNNN*

Another picture that he's proud

Guess what was the scariest thing that happened on that day?


All of the picture in this post is captured by him with my new canon camera.

I made this video just for you! =)

Now, are you ready for the scariest?

Btw, this lady ghost is pretty , isn't she?

It was very dark inside. In fact, I was really scared.

But, luckily, I was inside with a bunch of FUN blogger.

Hahahaha no one dare to walk in front...!

We laughed, we screamed, we took some pictures and RUN lol

Can you spot the ghost?

Imagine what you see is only DARKNESS!

Hahaha you wouldn't notice that!

He scared us randomly! LOL!

Move, move, move!!!

Hahaha we thought there's something behind that umbrella.

A creppy baby that we spotted.

Here's another scary thing that we saw that night.

YES! Get me out of here pleaseeeeee !!!


It was a fun experience!

The event was held at the Rain Forest in the center of Singapore Flyer.

The journey took about less than 20mins only.

However, everything inside are really creepy !!

To me, it was like an hour journey!

You'll get shock and scream randomly.

I remember that there's an actor lying on the ground touching one of our bloggers' leg.

Creepy enough? Hahaha the blogger screamed and it really scared us.

There were LOADS of happening inside but nope! I am not gonna reveal everything here..

HAHAHAHAHA You should go and experience it yourself.

Lastly, I'll give it a 7/10 as there are loads of details that they can improve on.

Such as the actor! I wish there were more than that.

After from FrightFest, we were directed to the comfy guest lounge.

We were really tired and exhausted after all of the screaming and shocking!

Halloween Brew drink were served to us and it tastes really nice.

Not too sweet, refreshing and cooling! =D

For only $25 you'll get the admission ticket and a complimentary Halloween Brew!

Buy your ticket HERE:

ENJOY your Halloween and have a great day!

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