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06 October 2011

It's My 22 Birthday! =D

Today is my birthday!
For me, birthday should be one of the happiest event of the year.
But, unfortunately, my birthday this year happens to be in my study week *wek!
You tell me, How can I enjoy my birthday this year huuhuhuhu so sad!!

Anyway, I received numerous of greeting newsletters, cards, emails and etc
from some merchants.
Thank you for making me smile!

He'd not celebrate my birthday with me 'on time' this year.

He asked me to go back to Singapore tomorrow and I don't want!
Reasons are, I just arrived in Indonesia some days ago and
I've not complete my goal to master my Business Finance subject.
So, nope! I am not going back earlier than my planned date.
He's not coming here too. *sigh*
If it's five years ago, I believed he'll fly to me whenever and wherever. =(
The conclusion is, he'll celebrate my birthday for me on 10th of October instead.
He sent me a hint of my birthday gift;

What is that? #curious

Tomorrow, I will celebrate My 22 Birthday with papa mama and meme.
I suggested to prepare a meal for them! Hahaha!!! But they rejected the idea blah!
Or maybe I will bring them out for a lunch or dinner?
Ok, the fact is..
It looks like, they will be the one to bring me out for a meal instead hahaha...
I don't drive lol

Lastly, "Thank You" so much for all of the greetings sent to me
through Facebook and Twitter.
You guys are cool and I am blessed!

Thanks God for everything!
Most importantly, thank you so much for blessing me with an awesome family
Papa Mama Meme and Didi are all COOL and I am loved! =D

Wish for this year's birthday:
To pass all of my exams, graduate and makes my family proud of me.

Have a great day everyone! =D


  1. Happy Birthday to you!! :D

  2. It's definitely a camera (his hint)! Happy birthday!

  3. Thanks HP! =D Yah, I guess that's a camera too!


Thanks for your lovely comment!