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16 October 2011

Happy Sunday + New BlackBerry Bold 9900 Viva Cases + Freshel and New Nail Polish!

Last week, I spent a fruitful Sunday with my lovely family.

We went to the Church that morning. As usual, mum need to keep screaming!!!

So that, we can wake up early and also to make sure that we wouldn't be late for church.

This is my lovely mami trying to take a picture with my cammie!

Muahaha totally blur, my sis wasn't ready too.

My meme and I =D

I knew it, I look damn fierce in this photo.

In fact, I am really a fierce person ckck..

Papi and Mami, looking good yea?

After from Church, we went to FreshBeer...Again!?

Yes, I had biawak almost everyday!

Click here if you want to know more about the restaurant and the exotic meats that they offer.

We went to Lucky Plaza afterward.

Lucky Plaza is a small shopping mall where you can get any electronic gadget you want!

You can sell, you can buy, you can trade too!

Papi bought this Viva Madrid Blackberry bold 9900 Case for me.

It's made from authentic leather and it's nice!

But, it's darn expensive lor..

Papi got it for Rp 300.000 = About $40+

That's consider really expensive for a BlackBerry Case.

The price range is usually from Rp 50.000 to Rp 100.000 only = less than $15

Later I found out that, the leather is authentic and VivaCases is a well-known brand!

Do check them out!

I brought my skincare sponsored by Freshel back to Indonesia.

I have yet to try it out.

I will review them once I completed the product.

I have too much skin care products with me now.

Lastly, my new michelle nail polishes I got from Cineleisure.
Normal-glitter nail polish was selling at $2 each and
the shatter (purple and red) polishes were selling at $4 each
I had tried them out. The glitter polish are really bad!!
It looks like transparent polish when I apply them.
The shatter one works well but not the best I've ever tried.

Have a great day!

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  1. Wow, those are excellent-quality photographs you got there! Did you take those with your Blackberry phone? Spending the weekend with your family is a wonderful way to wrap a busy week. Stay happy!


Thanks for your lovely comment!